Germany and Eastern Europe

Wednesday 27 January 2021 (12:00-15:00)
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Birmingham-Utrecht Collaborative Postgraduate Workshop


  • Jacco Pekelder (University of Utrecht)
  • Klaus Richter (University of Birmingham)

In cooperation with the Birmingham Research Institute for History and Cultures (BRIHC) and the Institute for German and European Studies (IGES). 

This joint postgraduate workshop provides a forum for postgraduates in the early stages of their research to share ideas and feedback. The presentations cover various aspects of Germany’s historical relationship with Eastern Europe in the 19th and 20th century. All staff and students are welcome!


Adam Dargiewicz (Utrecht), George Gibson (Birmingham), Owen Grey (Birmingham), Megan Palmer (Nottingham/Birmingham), Sophie Polm (Utrecht), Piotr Wimmers (Utrecht)

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