CCCS audio interviews

Click on the links to listen to the interviews with former staff and students of the CCCS (listed in order of interview date).   

Dick Hebdige (10/04/13)

Dick Hebdige was at the Centre in the seventies, and worked on issues relating to the media, popular culture and critical theory. He has since published several works, including Subculture: The Meaning of Style (1979) which was based on his research at the Centre. He is currently Professor of Film and Media Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Some of Dick's papers can be found on our stencilled papers page.

Merilyn Moos (07/05/13)

Merilyn Moos studied PPE at Oxford before undertaking a MA at the Centre. She became a further and higher education lecturer and has played an active role in various union and socialist movements. Merilyn is also a writer, and has published the novel The Language of Silence.

  • Moos (transcript - PDF)

Hazel Chowcat (20/05/13)

Hazel Chowcat arrived at the Centre in 1977 to study for a PhD. She was interested in the women's movement and Marxism. She worked in Trade Union politics on leaving the Centre.

Patricia McCabe (23/05/13) 

Patricia McCabe joined the Centre in 1977 having completed her undergraduate studies in English at Birmingham. She was at the Centre between 1977 and 1981. She is currently Managing Director of Central Consultancy and Training.

Paul Gilroy (26/05/13)

Paul Gilroy completed his PhD at the Centre in 1986. He worked on race and culture, co-authored The Empire Strikes Back: Race and Racism in 1970s Britain (1982) during his time there, and subsequently published There Ain't no Black in the Union Jack (1987) based on his thesis. He is currently Professor of American and English Literature at King's College London.

Errol Lawrence (29/05/13)

Errol Lawrence co-established the 'Race and Politics' sub-group during his time at the CCCS. He wrote 'Common Sense, Racism and the Sociology of Race Relations' (1981), and is now in the field of educational management.

Visit our stencilled papers page for Errol's 'Common Sense' paper.

Chas Critcher (04/06/13)

Chas Critcher was at the Centre in the seventies. His research interests including race, immigration, the media, and football in popular culture, and he co-authored Policing the Crisis: Mugging, the State, and Law and Order (1978). Chas is Professor of Sociology of Culture at Swansea University.

A selection of Chas's stencilled papers are available on our site.

Roger Shannon (10/06/13)

Roger Shannon arrived at the CCCS in 1977 and worked on popular culture and literature. He later became interested in film and media, and is currently Professor of Film and Television at Edge Hill University.  

Trevor Fisher and Brian Homer (17/06/13)

Trevor Fisher was at the Centre in 1971, and went on to become a teacher. Brian Homer is Director of Homer Creative and founded Ten 8 magazine. Together, Trevor and Brian co-founded Grapevine, a magazine of articles that the local press would not print (on trade unions, the left, community, and the arts) and a 'what's on' guide. 

Richard Johnson (18/06/13)

Richard Johnson joined the Centre from the Department of Social History at the University of Birmingham in 1974. Following the departure of Stuart Hall for the Open University in 1979, Richard became Centre director, leaving in 1993. He is the author of various works on the education, class and the nature and practice of cultural studies.

Colin Sparks (22/06/13)

Colin Sparks arrived at the CCCS from Oxford University in the early seventies and worked predominately on issues relating to the media. Colin is currently Chair Professor of Media Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Roger Bromley (02/07/13)

Roger Bromley was at Portsmouth University when he first met with Stuart Hall in 1974. He is interested in diaspora, cinemas of displacement, community regeneration, and narratives of conflict and reconciliation in Africa. Roger is Honorary Professor in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham.   

Tom Wengraf (02/07/13)

Tom Wengraf came to the Centre to undertake his MA following an already established teaching career at Middlesex University and having been involved with the New Left Review and Conference of Socialist Economists. His research was largely on Marxism and he contributed to the May Day Manifesto (1968).  

Roy Peters/Mahasiddhi (08/07/13)

Roy Peters/Mahasiddhi (Peters 1975-79, and now known by his ordained Buddhist name, Mahasiddhi) arrived at the CCCS in 1975. He had research interests in sport and media, and published Television Coverage of Sport in 1976. He is currently a photographer of not only sports but also education, health, and the arts in Birmingham.  

See our stencilled papers page for the 'Television Coverage' paper.

Ann Gray (15/07/13) 

Ann Gray was a lecturer in cultural studies at Birmingham in 1989. She is currently Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Lincoln. 

  • Gray (transcript - PDF)

Christine Hardy (17/07/13) 

Christine Hardy arrived at the Centre in 1979 following her studies at East Anglia and Warwick.

Maureen McNeil (17/07/13) 

Maureen McNeil came to the CCCS in 1980. She was, and continues to be, interested in theories, politics and narratives of reproduction as well as feminist studies of science and technology. Maureen is Professor of Sociology at Lancaster University. 

Andy Green (22/07/13)

Andy Green started his MA at the Centre in 1979, having studied English Literature at Oxford. He published an anti-racism education during his time there. Andy is currently Professor of Comparative Social Science at the Institute of Education, University of London.

  • Green (transcript - PDF)

Rebecca O'Rourke (23/07/13)

Rebecca O'Rourke arrived at the Centre in 1976 having studied English at the University of Hull and with an interest in theorising literature. She started studying for an MA and continued onto a PhD at the Centre. Rebecca is currently Senior Lecturer in Clinical Education at the University of Leeds. 

Joyce Canaan (24/07/13)

Joyce Canaan took the cultural studies programme at the Centre in 1985. She arrived from the University of Chicago, where she was studying for a PhD in anthropology. Joyce is currently Professor of Sociology at Birmingham City University.  

Richard Dyer (11/08/13)

Richard Dyer studied French at St. Andrews and worked in the theatre before coming to the CCCS to pursue his PhD on homosexuality and literature. He organised the first gay cinema event at the NFT and published Gays and Film in 1977. He is Professor of Film Studies at King's College London.

  • Dyer (transcript - PDF)

Ros Brunt, Chris Pawling, Trevor Millum (13/08/13)

Ros Brunt, Chris Pawling, Trevor Millum arrived at the Centre in the late 1960s when Richard Hoggart was still Director of the CCCS. Ros and Chris went onto work at Sheffield Polytechnic (now Sheffield Hallam University) and Trevor became a poet. 

Tony Jefferson (19/08/13)

Tony Jefferson was at the Centre between 1972-77 and worked on issues of policing, youth subculture, race and crime, and the media. With Stuart Hall, John Clarke, Chas Critcher and Brian Roberts, he co-authored Policing the Crisis (1978), and went on to write several other books. Tony taught at Sheffield University and Keele University, and is Emeritus Professor at Keele.

Martin Kettle (28/08/13) 

Martin Kettle is associate editor of The Guardian and before that was a political correspondent for the Sunday Times and home correspondent for New Society magazine. He has co-authored Policing the Police (1980) and Uprising (1982). 

Paul Hoggart (28/08/13) 

Paul Hoggart is the son of Richard Hoggart, who set up the CCCS in 1964. Paul is a writer and TV critic for various newspapers. 

Dorothy Hobson (29/08/13)

Dorothy Hobson studied English Literature and Language, and took the MA in Contemporary Cultural Studies at Birmingham. She is currently Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Contemporary Media at the University of Wolverhampton. 

Michael O'Shaughnessy (29/09/13)

Michael O'Shaughnessy studied English and Film at the University of Exeter and was involved with the British Film Institute before he arrived at the CCCS in the late seventies.  Michael currently lives in Australia and occasionally tours in a choir. 

Bill Schwarz (30/09/13)

Bill Schwarz joined the Centre in the mid-seventies having studied English and History and the University of York. With Richard Johnson and Gregor McLennan, he co-wrote Economy, Culture and Concept (1977). Bill is Professor in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary, University of London.

Visit our stencilled papers page, which includes a link to Economy, Culture and Concept (paper number 50).

Michael Skovmand (01/10/13) 

Michael Skovmand came to the Centre in 1979 from Denmark, the Spring that Stuart Hall left. He has since written on George Orwell (1984), Shakespeare (1994) and Media Cultures (1992). He is Associate Professor in English at the People's University of Aarhus.

John Clarke (10/10/13) 

John Clarke co-authored Policing the Crisis (1978) with Stuart Hall, Chas Critcher, Tony Jefferson and Brian Roberts, and was part of the subcultures sub-group at the CCCS. John is currently Professor of Social Policy and Criminology at the Open University. 

Our stencilled papers page includes several of John's papers.

Steven Kennedy and Phil Cohen (13/10/13)

Steven Kennedy worked with the ex-CCCS members on various publications during the 1980s. He currently works for Palgrave Macmillan. Phil Cohen worked on youth culture and working class community and his early work on subcultures was a key influence on the CCCS. Phil is Professor Emeritus at the University of East London. 

Claire L'Enfant (22/10/13)

As an editor at the Hutchinson Press in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Claire L'Enfant worked with the Centre on delivering many of its key publications, including the seminal Women Take Issue (1978) . She currently works for Routledge/Taylor and Francis.  

Dave Batchelor (11/11/13)

Dave Batchelor completed the MA in Cultural Studies at the Centre in 1980 and, prior to that, he studied fine art at Nottingham. Dave is an artist and has put on exhibitions across the UK and Europe, as well as in Brazil, the US and South Korea.

John Ellis (20/11/13)

John Ellis arrived at the CCCS in 1973 and left in the late-seventies. Part of his MA thesis was published in Screen ('Made in Ealing', 1975) and he co-authored Language and Materialism (1977) with Ros Coward. John is currently Professor of Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Bob Willis (23/11/13)

Bob Willis completed his MA by thesis, entitled 'The Ideology of British Counterinsurgency and its Reverberations', at the Centre in 1978. He is currently working for the Welsh government.

Janet Batsleer (25/11/13)

Janet Batsleer was at the CCCS from 1977-1980 and before that she was an English student at Cambridge. Janet is currently Principal Lecturer in Youth and Community Work and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Judith Scott (25/11/13)

Judith Scott arrived at the Centre in 1969, having studied language and philosophy at the University of York, and was there for two years. She is now Director of the Amber Lane Press. 

Mark Erickson (05/12/13)

Mark Erickson joined the 'Department of Cultural Studies and Sociology' as a lecturer in 1996 from the University of Sunderland. He is currently Reader in the School of Applied Social Science at the University of Brighton.  

Stuart Laing (05/12/13)

Stuart Laing arrived at the Centre to carry out his doctoral studies in 1970 having completed his undergraduate degree at Cambridge. He is Director of the Art Design and Media Subject Centre at the Higher Education Authority, and Pro-Vice Chancellor and Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Brighton.

Dick Atkinson (11/01/14)

Dick Atkinson joined the CCCS in 1968 and 1971 (two one year appointments) as a lecturer after completing his PhD at the London School of Economics. He went onto establish the Balsall Heath Forum in Birmingham.