LLB Gender and Law

Module description:

Gender and Law is a module about diverse and contemporary gender issues, studied within a legal and socio-legal framework but with an interdisciplinary twist. Gender is a socially constructed concept about what it means to be male and female. The purpose of this module is to examine, both theoretically and empirically, the relationship between gender and law. For example, to what extent are gender-based assumptions embedded within the law? How do gender essentialisms impact on perceptions of crime, perpetrators and victims?

The first part of the module will be conceptual and theoretical. It will examine, inter alia, feminist legal theory, masculinities and the law, socio-legal perspectives on gender, the concept of gender essentialism and heteronormativity. The second part of the module will explore the operationalisation of gender and the law in practice. Specifically, it will cover four broad themes, namely:

  1. Gender and the Courts
  2. Gender-Based Violence
  3. Gender, Law and Family
  4. Gender, Armed Conflict and International Law.