LLB International Economic Law

Student listening in a lectureModule leader: Dr Luca Rubini

Module description:

This module introduces and examines aspects of international economic law providing an overview of the legal foundations of the global economy and the regulatory frameworks governing international economic relations. It will situate international economic law within a broader understanding of its interactions with other international and national, legal and non-legal processes, including, among others, its impact on developing countries, the protection of human rights, human migration and ecological sustainability.

The module will consider the evolving nature of this branch of public international law, including changes brought about by the processes of globalisation and emerging initiatives aimed at creating more socially and ecologically responsive international economic norms.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to the nature and sources of international economic law, the concept of economic sovereignty, and the relationship between national and economic law
  • The law of international trade, such as the rules of the World Trade Organisation and the effect of regional trade and economic partnership agreements
  • Global financial regulation and international monetary law, including the activities of the Bretton Woods institutions and sovereign debt restructuring mechanisms
  • International investment law, including the relationship between foreign direct investment and state sovereignty, substantive standards of protection and dispute settlement mechanisms
  • Regulation of multinational enterprises (MNEs), such as the basis for and enforcement of human rights obligations for MNEs
  • International economic law and development, including the role of the United Nations economic agencies, the World Bank and bilateral aid agencies
  • Multilateral environmental regulation and their impact on international economic law and relations