Student profile: Catalina Rojas Marulanda

Programme: LLM (General)
Nationality: Colombian

Doing an LLM at the University of Birmingham has represented for me a unique and very rewarding experience. Although there is a lot of hard work, the scheme of the program  helps the student to develop a series of skills that are very important for the professional life. The preparation of the readings for each seminar helped me to enhance my research skills and I became much more analytical.

This program gave me a great opportunity to expose during the seminars my opinions based on the readings I had to prepare. And during the seminars, I also had the possibility to learn from the other students’ experiences and opinions. I particularly enjoyed the self-learning experience offered by the LLM.

I think that the LLM at the University of Birmingham gives you gives the opportunity of having educated discussions with high-level professors in different fields of law. The seminars are the perfect place to analytically learn about a particular subject. I was very pleased to discover that the methodology of the program leads you to improve your legal skills.

The LLM has offered me a wide range of legal issues from which I have learned and that are applicable to my home country, Colombia. For that reason, I expect to return to my home country and take full advantage of what I have learnt at the LLM and apply it taking into account to my home country’s background.