Student profile: Christina Santos

Photograph of Christina Santos, LLM graduate

Programme: LLM International Commercial Law
Nationality: Brazilian

Birmingham is one of the best law schools in the UK and when you come here you begin to understand why. The lecturers are fantastic, providing lots of discussion in classes and stimulating interest in the subject. It is important that you are prepared to take part and get involved as this is how you will get the most out of the course. 

There is no point going to a university which nobody will know back in your own country, so it is very important to go somewhere like Birmingham, which has an international reputation and people know how good your education has been when you go to look for jobs. There are people from all over the world studying here and this gives a great perspective on world cultures and events as you learn about the history and experiences of others. The city also has a big community of Brazilians which is fantastic for me.

When you study, the facilities have to be good, especially in law, as it involves a lot of reading . Birmingham is really good at making sure everyone has access to the resources and the whole process runs extremely smoothly. The e-library is brilliant because of the amount of information available and it is available anywhere as you can log in from home and browse the resources remotely without having to come to campus.

The support and environment for international students at Birmingham is brilliant. Everything you need is in your hands and available either personally or through the web. When I first arrived the international induction week was great as it made me feel really welcome from the very beginning. Everyone is really friendly and if you do get lost which is likely during your first few weeks you can ask anyone and they will be happy to help.

.I love the fact that we’re not located right in the centre of Birmingham but are still really close so it takes very little time to be around the canals, shops and restaurants which the city has to offer. It’s a great place to be as it is always busy and buzzing. Birmingham is a big city but because you are located away from the centre it is possible to find a smaller calmer environment where you are and it doesn’t feel like such a big place.

The campus has everything you could need including a fruit market, banks, shops and the library. Everyone needs computers, printers and books during their studies and the facilities here are excellent. It is also a really safe environment which I feel happy walking to and from throughout the day.

I intend to work in the UK during the next few years and hopefully find a position in a multinational with links to Brazil so I can utilise my knowledge and experiences."