The Three Minute Researcher

Senior Common Room - Law Building
Wednesday 27 September 2017 (13:00-14:00)
Photo of the University Crest

BLS Research Seminar 

In the first staff seminar of the Autumn term, a small number of BLS staff and PhD students will present 3-minute capsule accounts of their current research work.

  • Eleanor Rowan, "Are you surety that you want to sign?: Lawyers, lovers and undue influence”
  • Yoana Nieto Valdivieso, "Exploring the lived experiences of female ex-combatants: mobilisation, participation and the live after laying down weapons”
  • Meghan Campbell, “"Rural-ness as Discrimination under the Canadian Charter”
  • Anthony Arnull, “Reforming the EU Courts”
  • Chen Zhu, “Global anti-ambush marketing laws as contemporary sumptuary codes”
  • Sebastian Eskauriatza, "'Post-conflict Colombia: is 'integrity' useful?"
  • Marianne Wade, "Exploring EU Citizenship from a criminal justice perspective”

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