Law PGR Career Development and Networking Event

Senior Common Room - Law Building
Thursday 5 December 2019 (13:00-16:00)
Photo of the University Crest

The objective of the event is to provide an overview of the various career possibilities available to Postgraduate Researchers and the various career paths outside academia they can pursue after completing their PhDs or other research programmes (i.e. for people who are not necessarily qualified lawyers but, nevertheless, hold a postgraduate research degree in Law). Several workshops and other events on preparing Postgraduate Researchers to apply for and secure jobs within academia are often organised by the University professional and other academic services. However, a considerable percentage of Postgraduate Researchers choose not to pursue an academic-related career after their graduation. Yet, alternative careers to academia, very often, remain unknown or not sufficiently explored. We strongly believe that this event will provide comprehensive and insightful information to those Postgraduate Researchers who would be interested in exploring alternative career opportunities outside the academia.

The event will feature key-note speeches by academic and non-academic speakers presenting the possible career paths PGRs may pursue and offer tips on how to best use their PhD/PG research degrees to excel in their chosen professional sector based on their own personal experiences. Also, the event will provide PGR-focused workshops conducted by both a BLS Academic and Careers Network service providing practical and useful insights and tips on how to prepare CVs and Cover letters for academic and non-academic jobs alike. We strongly encourage all Law PGR students to come along and make the most of this unique opportunity to gain insight into different career paths, academic and non-academic job applications and to network. Drinks reception will follow. 

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