Reforming Criminal Appeals

Harding Building, Law School (New Moot Room)
Thursday 19 October 2023 (17:00-19:00)

The Law Commission is seeking views on the law about appeals in criminal cases, including the tests applied by the Court of Appeal and the Criminal Cases Review Commission; and laws governing post-trial retention and disclosure of evidence. See the Law Commission website.

Join us (free) for discussion and q&a, with an expert panel including Professor Penney Lewis (Criminal Law Commissioner); Mr John Curtis (In-House Counsel at the Criminal Cases Review Commission); Dr Lucy Welsh (University of Sussex); Professor Carole McCartney (University of Leicester); Mr Paul Jarvis (Barrister, 6KBW); Professor Paul Roberts (University of Nottingham); and Dr Hannah Quirk (KCL). Chaired by Dr Steven Cammiss and Professor John Child (University of Birmingham). 

Hosted by Birmingham Law School and the Centre for Crime, Justice and Policing. 

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