Speculations, Traps and Interpretations: Networks in 15th and 16th Century Art and Music

Barber Institute Lecture Theatre
Wednesday 23 January 2019 (14:30-17:00)

It is the pleasure of the Department of Art History, Curating and Visual Studies to advertise the below research event, co-organised by Dr Elizabeth L’Estrange and Dr Jamie Edwards.

2.30 Welcome
2.35 Reindert Falkenburg (NYU Abu Dhabi) , ‘Speculations on the 'Book of Nature' in Pieter Bruegel's Road to Calvary
3.00 Michel Weemans (ENSA, Bourges), ‘Muscipula diaboli: Bruegel’s Triumph of Death (c. 1562) as Trap Image’
3.25-3.50 Discussion
3.50-4.10 Break
4.10 Andrew Kirkman (Music, UoB), ‘Visual-Aural Force fields in the Late Middle Ages’
4.25 Jamie Edwards (AHCVS, UoB), ‘An Exegetic Image: Pieter Bruegel the Elder's Census at Bethlehem (1566)’
4.40 Discussion / Round table
5.00 Finish

Staff, Researchers, PGs and UGs are all welcome to attend.

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