Masterclass: try a new language

Edgbaston campus
Wednesday 6th November 2013 (13:00-15:30)
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Why are languages useful for your future? What new languages could improve your employability or would allow you to meet new people? What are the different ways to carry on with a language at university? You may be studying a modern language now, like French, German or Spanish, but Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese or Russian are languages in demand and can be studied from scratch at university level. Try your hand at learning something new!

The welcoming presentation and these taster sessions are meant to stress the importance of languages for the students’ future. Interactive and fun, they will allow students to apply their language learning skills to a new language, and to draw on their vocabulary knowledge to make links between languages (especially for European languages). They will also contribute to develop students’ cultural awareness skills.

  • Audience: Year 12/13 students
  • Participants: 100