Perspectives on Gender and Violence

Online via Zoom
Wednesday 25 November 2020 (14:00-16:30)

‘Intersecting Identities’ Semester 1 event 2020-21

At this event the four ‘Intersecting Identities’ researchers listed below will give a 15-minute presentation of the named aspect of their research relating to gender and violence (14:00 - 15:15).

After (self-supplied!) refreshments, the round table part of the event will begin at 15:30, with the panellists discussing the research presented and responding to questions and comments from the audience.

  • Anissa Daoudi – ‘Women’s Testimonies and Literature as Alternative Transitional Justice in Algeria’ 
  • Elliot Evans – 'Expressions of Rage and Fantasies of Violence: affirming Anger as an Epistemic Tool'  
  • Kate Ince – ‘Rape and Revenge in French Philosophy and Film’ 
  • Katharina Karcher – ‘Gender and Terror’

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