Past events in the Department of Modern Languages

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9th December - Maternal dislocations: memory, selfhood and mother-tongue in Goliarda Sapienza's and Elena Ferrante's works

26th November - Memory and affect: issues from Spain and Portugal

24th November - Selfish Women and Other Inconvenient Deviants

18th November - Voidances: on Maurice's Blanchot's fiction

12th November - Monsters and prodigies in early modern Europe

15th October - Editing medieval texts in the Digital Age: the Estoria de Espanna project

13th-17th October - Insider's View: a festival of Russian art, performance and research

11th July - Premiere of music inspired by the work of Yves Bonnefoy

12th-13th June - Contemporary Caribbean visual culture: artistic visions of global citizenship

3rd June - Modern Languages networking and workshop event for MFL teachers

15th May - La Plaga (The Plague)

13th May - O Apóstolo (The Apostle)

8th May - Urte Berri On, Amona! (Happy New Year, Grandma!)

16th April - Short stories in translation

19th March - Bloodpeople, dangerous sex, and dead men walking: how to tell?

19th March - '"Anglifizierung" und "Globalisierung": Aktuelle Diskurse zu Entlehnungen und moderner Sprachpurismus

19th March - Dying for Sex: Cultural and Forensic Narratives of Auto-Erotic Death

18th March - Spatial Planning, Photography, and Modernity in Post-War France

12th March - The language of leadership

6th March - Queer cinemas between France and Spain

5th March - Ahead, Athwart, Askance: tropes of perversion in contemporary Hispanophone cinema

5th March - "The Full Monty" into Europe? Issues of cultural untranslatability from a comparative perspective: investigating the German and French versions of this 1990s British comedy

4th March - Modelling citizens: negotiations of agency and belonging through the medium of Italian migration literature

26th February - Anti-Positivism and the Esoteric in early Twentieth-Century Mexican thought and literature

25th February - Translating Frantz Fanon

12th February - Theorising Informality from the ground up in Russia

12th February - "Wir sind das Volk": the dominance of 1989

28th January - The living and the poetic intention: Édouard Glissant's biopolitics of literature

21st January - Blacks out: Italy's melancholic whiteness

15th January - Heroic Imperialists in Africa: the promotion of British and French colonial heroes, 1870-1939

15th January - Hitler's female helpers


11th December - Alternatives to the nation-state? Political fiction and Joseba Sarrionandia´s 'The Frozen Man'

10th December - The face that launched a thousand sonnets: Simonetta Cattaneo Vespucci and the quest for Florentine identity at the turn of the 15th century

28th November - Sexology and literature: on the uses and abuses of fiction

27th November - Mourning for the victims: Leningrad memorial cemeteries

27th November - The politics and poetics of representing male bodies in contemporary Caribbean art: Cuba and the Dominican Republic

19th November - Michelangelo's Grace: self portrayal and religious identity in two of his Pietàs

16th November - 54th National Postgraduate Colloquium in German Studies

13th November - Masterclass: languages in action

13th November - Choteo: el humor, la política y la cultura en Cuba

13th November - Büchner the optimist

6th November - Masterclass: try a new language

1st-2nd November - Post-socialism playing global: computer gaming industries and digital media culture

30th October - Genre Studies and Russian texts

22nd October - Postmemory and the graphic novel: how to tell your grandparents' stories of the Second World War

12th October - Strategies of imperial control in arid and semi-arid environments

9th October - Firing the canon: the politics and poetics of exclusion

28th September - Genre and Memory

26th June - Race, Biopolitics and Violence in Francophone Postcolonial Studies

22nd June - Undergraduate open day

21st June - Undergraduate open day

20th June - Undergraduate open day

10th June - Workshop 6 - Communicating Genre: the author, the text and the audience

23rd May - Els nens salvatges (The Wild Ones)

21st May - Transatlantic Crossings: Local Memories and Global Justice

16th May - Doentes (Sick People)

10th May - Réseau-F Postgraduate Consortium for French and Francophone Studies

9th May - Zorion perfektua (Perfect Happiness)

29th April - Workshop 5 - Genre and canons of representation

21st March - Women & War - The Politics of Life Writing: Spying, Treason and Antifascist Resistance

20th March - Irene Nemirovsky and Suite francaise

19th March - Looking For Traces of Empire

18th March - Unearthing the Past: A boat laden with...

18th March - Dany Laferrière: A Restless Child of Haiti

13th March - Research Round Table

7th March - Joining a Professional Body

6th March - The Book of Invisible Bridges

6th March - Known (un)knowns. Creating an Aesthetic of Knowing in Recent Cinematic Red Army Rote Armee Faction

5th March - The status of Basque: situations and prospects

5th March - French research seminar

26th February - Radical Memorial Ethics. Peter Weiss' Trip to Auschwitz in 1964

23rd February - Workshop 4 - Genre in translation: crossing cultural, linguistic, disciplinary, media and other boundaries

21st February - Working for a Translation Company

19th February - French research seminar

7th February - Working as a Freelance Translator

6th February - Careers with Languages

31st January - The Memory of the image in Jean-Luc Godard's "Histoire(s) du cinema" (1998)

15th January - Dante as a European poet


14th December - Silvio Berlusconi and Post-modern Politics

10th December - Workshop 3 - Genre and new technologies

30th November - (Ex)Changes: Short Fiction in Portugal, the United Kingdom and Ireland (1980-2010)

27th November - Maghrebi-French Disidentifications: Queer Performances of Gender, Religion, and Citizenship

24th November - Workshop 2 - Genre, gender and identity

22nd November - Translating for the EU

22nd November - Transnational and local feminisms: The campaign for legal abortion in 1970s Rome and the impact of French and US debates

8th November - Multilingualism in the EU

6th November - French research seminar

25th October - Literary Translation – a Publisher's and a Translator's View

17th October - Julius Evola and European Neofascism

17th October - Calculating Divas: Caribbean Economic Imaginaries in the Novels of Mayra Santos Febres

6th October - Workshop 1 - Genre: theory, methodology and practice

26th September - Modern Languages Lecture Series: Inaugural Lecture

17th-21st July - DAAD German Studies Summer School

8th June - Society for Italian Studies Postgraduate Colloquium 2012

9th May - What Happens to a Holocaust Testimony When it is Translated?

26th-27th March - Collapsing Europe?

21st March - Grass's Hundejahre and Mimesis

20th March - Not on the same wavelength: Radio Vichy versus Radio London in 1944

14th March - Telling Lives: Autofiction and Other Lies in Contemporary Basque Literature

13th March - La décolonisation de l'Algérie: Un roman pour comprendre huit ans de guerre

12th March - Basque poetry and music recital

6th March - Dr Pierpaolo Antonello

29th February - Eduardo Chillida and Jorge Oteiza: A Posthumous Confrontation

29th February - I cento passi (One hundred steps)

29th February - "Unsre letzte Arbeit war die Befreiung der Toten…". Über ein Bruchstück im Nachlaß von

28th February - Homais's Struggle with the Blind Beggar in Madame Bovary

28th February - My Name is Antonino Calderone

27th February - Meet the Author - Dacia Maraini

27th-29th February - Italy and the Mafia

23rd February - The Child in the 'cine religioso': The Excesses of Performance in Ladislao Vadja's Marcelino pan y vino (1955)

7th February - Gabriele Rossetti exul immeritus

1st February - The Importance of German Studies at British Universities

24th January - Intellectual or jester? Comedians in contemporary Italy

24th January - Imagining 'whiteness' in the Antillean imagination

18th January - Through the Iron Curtain and into the Cold