CAL Graduate Languages: Reading Languages for Researchers

This is a new and unique suite of one-year Graduate Language modules which are tailored to your needs as a postgraduate.

They are available for all our PhD students and most of our Masters students. No other UK University offers you the ability to learn intense graduate academic language skills in a year so that you will be able to read texts in French, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish.

The CAL Graduate Language modules offer you the opportunity to acquire a good reading knowledge of Russian, French, German, Italian and Spanish in order to help you pursue your research at Masters or PhD level. The aim is to ensure that you gain the ability to read academic texts representative of the research literature in your area of specialism, with the aid of a dictionary.

You will be taught by a mixture of tutor-led and workshop sessions, typically alternating between the two. Tutor-led sessions give instruction on the grammatical and lexical features of the language, based on a progressive reading of the prescribed coursebook. In the workshop sessions, you will do exercises, including translation of texts into English, under the guidance of the tutor. You will be able to work on samples of your own material. There are assessments at the end of each semester.

The modules are credit-bearing. If you are a Masters student, check with your course convenor to see if these modules are offered on your course. If you are a PhD student, you can take the modules for credit, gaining extra skills while at Birmingham, and supporting the development of your research. They are free for PhD students at the University of Birmingham.

  • 09 25891 - LM Reading Russian for Researchers
  • 09 25892 - LM Reading French for Researchers
  • 09 25893 - LM Reading German for Researchers
  • 09 26157 - LM Reading Italian for Researchers
  • 09 26158 - LM Reading Spanish for Researchers

For further information, please visit the Graduate School language skills or contact Dr David Garcia Vidal (

Alternatively you can contact  the tutor responsible for each module: