Research activity in Hispanic Studies spans from Medieval to modern, and covers the history, literatures and cultures of Spain and its regions, in particular Catalonia, the Hispanic Caribbean and Spanish America, Portugal and Brazil, as well as the disciplines of Linguistics and Translation Studies.

We currently have two centres funded by external bodies. The Xunta de Galicia supports the Centro de Estudos Galegos to promote the teaching of Galician and provides small sums to support research activity in Galician Studies. Since 2005 the Portuguese Government has sponsored the Cátedra Gil Vicente, a research centre for Lusophone Studies within Hispanic Studies. The Centre funds conferences and training events organised or attended by academic staff, language instructors and postgraduate students. It also offers partial bursaries to fund postgraduate students.

In 2007, a Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile was created as a focus for the research activities of a number of staff.

Other significant topics and themes researched and taught in Hispanic Studies include: Centre, Periphery & Borderland Narratives Crime Fiction Representation & Identity The Interface between History and Fiction Visual Culture in the Spanish-speaking World LIterature of the Spanish Civil War and Republican Exile.

Work in these areas involves all the major genres: narrative, poetry, painting, theatre and film.

Academic staff