Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and, whatever you plan to do after your degree, it’s a priceless asset in your CV.

We offer a broad range of language and culture courses, from literature and film to history, society and visual arts, taught through a combination of lectures and seminars. Our philosophy is to integrate content and language modules as much as possible because we believe that the value of language depends on having meaningful and significant things to say.

Spanish language

You will study one core language module worth 20 credits in Years 1, 2 and 4.

In Years 1 and 2 there are separate language modules for those with and those without A-level Spanish. We have a unique intensive beginners’ programme in which classroom sessions are integrated with a comprehensive online package of materials designed to promote learning independence, one of the key objectives of higher education.

The programme requires students to spend Year 3 abroad, either at one of the many universities in Spain and Latin America with which the University of Birmingham has exchange agreements, or on a work placement, usually arranged through the British Council’s Language Assistantship scheme.

Language classes other than initial classes for beginners are taught in Spanish, whilst culture classes are predominantly taught, and assessed, in English. All language modules are assessed through a combination of coursework and exams, whilst culture modules may be assessed by either or both, depending on the level and whether they run over one or two semesters. Large lectures are used where appropriate, but are always backed up by seminar teaching, and classroom activities are organised to promote involvement and interaction.

We seek to bring out the individual interests and skills of our students, and their success is apparent in the wide variety of career paths they choose after graduation. Our motto “Caminante, no hay camino: el camino se hace al andar” (Traveller, there is no set path, you make your own path as you travel”) is true both to the pathways students can develop though the module options available, and to the outlook on the future that we seek to foster.