“I am originally from Gijon, a very beautiful coastal city (the largest in the Principality of Asturias) situated in the north of Spain.

I started my teaching career in France and taught Spanish and French at all levels before moving to the East Midlands where I taught French and Spanish at Leicester University for seven years. In 1999 I joined the University of Birmingham as Head of Spanish in the Languages for All.

The Spanish Languages for All team consists of four full time native Spanish speakers, three from Spain (Asturias, Valencia, Zaragoza) and another from Argentina, each with many years of experience teaching Spanish in Higher Education. We take great care to ensure that all our students are placed in classes appropriate to their language level, to improve their communicative competence and facilitate their progress. Focus is given to practise in and improvement of speaking, listening/understanding, reading and writing skills and knowledge of grammar within meaningful and applicable contexts.”

Nieves Díaz Cueva, Lda. en Filología Románica, C.A.P.
Language Co-ordinator for Spanish

Why should you study Spanish? Whether you are seeking to establish business links in Spanish speaking countries, heading there for a vacation or retiring to the sun, learning our language will benefit you. Spanish is spoken as a first language in 21 countries, is the second most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese and has more than 400 million native speakers worldwide.

You can take one of our Spanish courses or, if you are a student here, study Spanish as an MOMD:

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