Continuing students


Check with your home Department to make sure you are eligible to take a 20-credit language course as a Level I or Level H module. If so, please email us at before Monday 15th April 2019. (Subject to availability of places, we may be able to accept late enrolments prior to the start of the autumn term). See our Course Descriptions page for the MOMD Handbooks, which detail all the optional language modules available at Levels I and H. If your degree programme restricts you to taking a language course on an extracurricular basis, please see our Free Language Courses webpage.


Our timetable for 2018-19 is based on the timeslots reserved for WHM/MOMD courses on the University block timetable with alternative timeslots offered in daytimes and/or evenings for the more popular modules. We reserve the right to make changes, if necessary, depending upon the level of enrolments and take-up of places in teaching groups.

Course Structure

All language MOMDs comprise 2 hours of teaching per week, at which attendance is compulsory. Canvas is used to supplement the contact hours with your tutor. For project-based courses, contact hours are reduced, but your course tutor is available at set times for advice and guidance. 


Language MOMDs are assessed by a written unseen examination in the University’s main examination period and an oral examination, which takes place in the first week after the Easter vacation.

Tandem Modules

Tandem Learning involves structured learning in partnership with a native speaker of your target language, supervised by our teaching staff. If your current language proficiency is at a higher intermediate or advanced level, and you would be interested to find out more about Tandem Learning MOMDs as an alternative to our conventional taught courses, please contact the relevant Language Co-ordinator in Languages for All for further information. At present, these modules are available in French, German, Spanish and Japanese only.