Tandem, Project and 40 credit modules

In addition to 20 credit MOMD modules, Languages for All offers Tandem and Project modules and intensive 40 credit language modules.

Tandem modules

Currently offered in French, German, Japanese and Spanish. These are part of our MOMD programme and are highly flexible, allowing for a wide range of levels. ERASMUS or Exchange students will be paired with a British partner and work together to devise a learning programme in English. In return they will offer tuition in their native language for their British partner. Guidance and supervision will be provided by LfA staff. Places for Tandem learning are always limited and we cannot guarantee places until the start of the academic year.

Language Project module

Currently offered in French, German, and Spanish. This option is designed for higher level language learners and can be taken as a final year MOMD by higher intermediate and advanced level students. The Language Project module can also be taken by direct entrants, subject to availability of places and at the discretion of the appropriate Language Co-ordinator.

For more details, contact the appropriate Language Co-ordinator:

To enrol for a Tandem or Project module please visit the Languages for All office. We are located in Room G13, Ashley Building.  See How to Find us for details.

Intensive 40 credit language courses

Staff in Languages for All deliver intensive Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced 40-credit courses in the following languages. 

These language courses are the compulsory language component in a range of integrated programmes, such as the Modern Languages, International Business with Language, Economics with Language and International Relations with Language degrees.