Staff in Russian Studies

Tanya Lipatova

Russian Language Tutor

Tanya Lipatova teaches Russian at CREES from ab initio to advanced level with particular emphasis on written Russian at undergraduate level (Essay courses) and on oral Russian at postgraduate level (CP4 Advanced Oral Russian).

Dr Isobel Palmer

Lecturer in Russian

My work focuses on twentieth-century poetry and literary theory, with an emphasis on Russian modernist poetry and Russian Formalism. My current research draws on theories of the lyric, old/new media, and the urban environment to place questions of literary form in the dynamic contexts of the modernizing city and the 1905 and 1917 revolutions.

Dr Natalia (Natasha) Rulyova

Dr Natalia (Natasha) Rulyova

Associate Professor in Russian

My research interests spread across Russophone literature, translation studies, post-Soviet media culture and genre studies. My latest monograph is focused on collaborative self-translation drawing on the bilingual work of the Russian-American poet Joseph Brodsky (see my monograph publication Joseph Brodsky and Collaborative Translation).

Currently, I am working on the project ...