Dr Regina Seiwald

Dr Regina Seiwald

Languages for All
Teaching Fellow in German
Deputy Director of Languages for All

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I am a Teaching Fellow and the language co-ordinator for Languages for All (LfA) German. Besides teaching most of the modules, I work closely with colleagues from the German Department and external departments, such as Law, whose joint students are hosted by LfA. I am a native speaker of German, and I come from the Tyrol in Austria. I have been teaching German at the University of Birmingham since 2014 and have experience of teaching at other HE institutions in the UK.


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2021)
  • PhD in English Literature, Birmingham City University (2018)
  • PGCert in Research Practice, Birmingham City University (2015)
  • Mag. phil. in General and Applied Linguistics, University of Innsbruck (2013)
  • Mag. phil. in English and American Studies, University of Innsbruck (2012)
  • Mag. phil. in German Philology, University of Innsbruck (2011)


Since 2014, I have been teaching German at the University of Birmingham across the full range of language levels, academic as well as Open Access and Free for All. I greatly enjoy teaching languages because in my opinion they allow us to gain an insight into a culture’s sentiments and people’s unique characteristics. I believe that learning languages is more than learning grammar and vocabulary – it is about experiencing the other in all its facets. 

I am a native speaker of German and come from a village just outside of Innsbruck, Austria. I completed my MPhil. degrees in German Philology (2006–2011), English and American Studies (2006–2012), as well as General and Applied Linguistics (2008–2013) at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. I have then joined Birmingham City University as a PhD student in the context of a research project on a comparative study of narratology in September 2014, and I have been awarded my PhD in April 2018. In the past, I have held a post-doctoral research fellowship at Birmingham City University, where I worked on narrative structures in and the textuality of video games.

As a researcher, I am highly interested in the relationship between literary theory and narratology across the languages. My focus thereby lies with the Anglo-American and Germanic tradition. In my PhD thesis, I researched metafiction in the postmodern British novel to determine how texts communicate the relationship between fiction and reality. The insights generated in my thesis have subsequently been applied to video games and digitalisation more generally (also XR/AI/MR), particularly in the context of paratextuality and Cold War narratives.


I teach German across all levels, from beginners to proficient speakers. Although my central focus is on language learning, my students also gain an insight into German, Austrian, and Swiss culture, day-to-day life, history, politics, and literature. I also support students regarding their Year Abroad choice and language summer schools in German-speaking countries.

I have also taught several modules on literary theory in the School of English at Birmingham City University and have been a specialist supervisor in digital humanities at King’s College London and Coventry University. In the past, I have also supervised a PhD student in game studies at Birmingham City University.


My research interest lies with video game studies as well as literary theory and narratology in English and German literature. In my PhD thesis, I have researched metafiction in the postmodern British novel based on a comparative analysis of English-speaking and German-speaking theories of narratology. During my three-year post-doctoral fellowship at Birmingham City University, I researched the textuality of video games and Cold War narratives in games. I am an active member of the Historical Games Network and the Canadian Game Studies Association.  


Recent publications


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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

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