Avant-Garde music for latex balloons

The Dome, Bramall Music Building
Arts and Law
Wednesday 2nd November 2016 (13:00)
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  • Music Colloquium series 2016-2017

Speaker: Judy Dunaway

Venue: The Dome, Bramall Music Building (3rd Floor)


For the past twenty-five years I have been creating sound works for latex balloons. I have created over thirty compositions for balloons, as well as making the balloon my main instrument for improvisation. Additionally I have created sound installations and multimedia works that utilize the sonic properties of latex balloons. While the idea itself is rooted in the philosophies of Cage and other early avant-garde movements, a feminist connection to the human body underlies my creative motivation. Creating a large body of work for balloons has allowed me to develop a vocabulary outside the realm of oppressive classical heritage. In this presentation I will discuss how I came to my artistic philosophy, the sociological context of this philosophy, and some of the instruments and works I have created, including my recent interactive works for latex balloons utilizing MaxMSP.


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