Past events in the Department of Music


19th November - Brass Band and Chamber Choirs

18th November - Identity and Vinyl Culture

18th November - Big Band

17th November - Baudelaire in Song

15th November - A Japanese emperor goes to Italy: The Italian adaptation and reception of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado

15th November - Ehnes plays Bach

11th November - Music Experience Day - cancelled

10th November - King Edward's Schools

8th November - Dia De Los Muertos Event

5th November - Music in the Bramall: 5th Anniversary

4th November - Songs About Us

4th November - Silent Film Night: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

3rd November - Ksenija Sidorova

1st November - Location and Memory in my Creative Process

1st November - Benjamin Grosvenor

28th October - European Union Chamber Orchestra with Steven Devine

27th October - From Stein to Steinway: 300 years of the Piano

27th October - Golden Night of Swing - 50th Anniversary Tour

21st October - Young Conductor Day

20th October - Richard Jenkinson and Alexander Boyd

18th October - Opera in Video Games

14th October - Undergraduate Open Day

13th October - Bagatelles after Beethoven

13th October - BEASTdome: Footsteps

9th October - Natural Horn Lecture Recital

9th October - Canadian Brass

6th October - Gildas Quartet and Jack McNeill

5th October - Early Strings Lecture Recital

4th October - Powers of Hearing: Acoustic Sensing and Technologies of Listening during the First World War

2nd October - Early Keyboards Lecture Recital

23rd September - Music in the Making

21st-24th September - Barber Opera - Porpora's L'Agrippina

13th September - Barber Opera: In search of Porpora

14th-21st July - Birmingham and Solihull International Jazz and Blues Festival

28th-30th June - Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain conference

17th-18th June - Brant International Piano Competition 2017

16th June - Festival Voices

15th June - Symphony Orchestra Pre-Tour Concert

14th June - Brass Band and Wind Band

13th June - Whitecap featuring Argle Bargle

9th June - Chamber Ensembles

9th-10th June - The Enchanted Pig

7th June - Big Band

6th June - Creative Ensemble

5th June - miniBEAST

4th June - Birmingham Symphonic Brass

30th May-1st June - Final Year Recitalists

19th May - Suzanne Fischer and Panaretos Kyriatzidis in concert

17th May - Martin James Bartlett in concert

12th May - Michael Tsalka in concert

10th May - 6 Hands

5th May - The Royal Air Force Music Services Tuba Quartet

3rd May - Final Year Recitalists

28th April-18th June - Sounding Images

27th-29th April - BEAST FEaST 2017: Figure, Landscape, Seascape, Sky

26th April - Final Year Recitalists

24th April - Final Year Recitalists

25th March - Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes

24th March - University Women's Choir

23rd March - Final Year Jazz Recitalists

22nd March - How late is late modernism?

22nd March - I Fagiolini: Flaming Heart

19th March - Chamber Choirs and University Camerata

19th March - BEASTdome: Kelp Road

18th March - University Chorus and Symphony Orchestra

17th March - Birmingham University Singers

17th March - University Big Band

16th March - Final Year Recitalists

15th March - QawwaliBEAST

13th March - Final Year Recitalists

12th March - Stage & Screen

11th March - University Wind Band: Best of British

10th March - Chetham's School of Music

10th March - University Brass Band and Saxophone Choir

8th March - Capturing sounds, designing notation, writing music

5th March - Chamber Ensembles

5th March - University Camerata

4th March - The Yeomen of the Guard

3rd March - Bel Canto: the songs of Donizetti and Bellini

3rd March - Jazz Collective

1st March - The Ten Commandments, music, and popular belief in Reformation England

27th February - Performance Practice and CEMPR Small Ensembles

24th February - Timothy Ridout and John Reid in concert

22nd February - The Heath Quartet

22nd February - Heath Quartet

20th February - Harmonie Band

19th February - Flute Choir and Clarinet Choir

13th February - Gamelan Ensemble

12th February - Birmingham Symphonic Brass

11th February - BEASTdome: Pantry Sessions

10th February - New Music Ensemble

10th February - Odysseus Piano Trio

10th February - BEASTdome: Pantry Sessions

8th February - Nineteenth-Century Bach? Emulation and assimilation of Joseph Joachim's Bach performing practices - A practical experiment

5th February - Exploring Agrippina

3rd February - Ulrich Heinen in concert

1st February - Title to be confirmed

27th January - Kenneth Hamilton Lecture Recitals: On Tour with Liszt

21st January - Sweeney Todd in concert

20th January - Kenneth Hamilton Lecture Recitals: On Tour with Liszt

18th January - The social life of chords

13th January - Castalian String Quartet


10th-11th December - Birmingham University Singers

9th December - University Camerata

8th December - Jazz Collective Christmas swing-along

5th December - University Carol Service

4th December - Philharmonic Orchestra

3rd December - University Chorus

2nd December - Florentine Arts Ensemble: Dahl's Norwegian landscape

2nd December - Birmingham University Singers and University Women's Choir

27th November - Brass Band and Chamber Choirs

26th November - Symphony Orchestra

25th November - Amy Harman and Erdem Misirlioglu

25th November - Big Band featuring Stan Sulzmann

23rd November - Performing Brahms: reading between the lines of the notation

20th November - CEMPR and Early Modern Vocal Ensemble

19th November - Wind Band and Sax Choir

18th November - Musica Secreta

18th November - Ariosto's afterlives: 500 years of madness

18th November - 500 years of madness in culture and society - Public dialogue

18th November - Early modern madness

16th November - Title to be confirmed

13th November - Birmingham Symphonic Brass

12th November - BEASTdome: Envision

11th November - King Edward's School and King Edward VI High School for Girls

9th November - Music is a footnote to tuning: microtonality and the practice of intonation in contemporary string performance

9th November - A Shakespeare and Verlaine songbook

4th November - Eloquence in sound and stone: English music and alabaster images, 1380-1520 - A symposium and concert

4th November - Binchois Consort

2nd November - Avant-Garde music for latex balloons

29th October - Music Experience Day

28th October - Daniel Lebhardt

26th October - Space, sight, and sound in the Renaissance palace: adventures with the MARI project

26th October - The English Concert Baroque Masters

21st October - Richard Jenkinson and David le Page

19th October - André Tchaikowsky (1935-1982): Polish, British, or cosmopolitan?

19th October - Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet

14th October - Shakespeare and his contemporaries

7th October - James Turnbull and Clare Hammond

7th October - BEASTdome: Emergence

25th September - Music in the making

3rd September - Bournville String Orchestra

22nd July - Birmingham and Solihull International Jazz and Blues Festival

15th July - Birmingham and Solihull International Jazz and Blues Festival

29th June - Celebrating South Asian Music in the West Midlands

23rd June - Symphony Orchestra: Pre-Tour Concert

18th-19th June - Brant International Piano Competition 2016

17th June - Festival Voices: Celebrating Shakespeare

17th June - Summer Festival Buffet

16th June - Big Band

12th June - UoB Music Society Wind Band and Nottingham University Wind Orchestra

12th-15th June - The Beggar's Opera

11th June - Birmingham Proms in Chancellor's Court

10th June - miniBEAST

8th June - Brass Band and Saxophone Ensembles

7th June - Jazz Collective

6th June - Chamber Ensembles

6th-17th June - Summer Festival of Music

31st May-3rd June - Final Year Recitalists

20th May - Formosa Quartet

18th May - Academy of Ancient Music: Vivaldi in Dresden

13th May - Recyclage musical

6th May - Moon, Water and Dance

5th May - Final Year Recitalists

3rd May - Final Year Recitalists

27th April - Final Year Recitalists

25th April - Final Year Recitalists

27th March - I Fagiolini

24th March - Final Year Recitalists 5

24th March - University Wind Band and Saxophone Choir

23rd March - Pete Stollery

22nd March - Big Band

21st March - Final Year Recitalists 4

21st March - University Camerata

20th March - 6 Hands: John Williams, John Etheridge and Gary Ryan

19th-20th March - Orchestral Weekender

18th March - Chetham's School of Music

18th March - Chamber Choirs and Brass Band

17th March - Final Year Recitalists 3

17th March - Beer: Dark Matter

16th March - Claudia Molitor

16th March - Callum Smart and Richard Uttley

16th March - Academy of Ancient Music: Vivaldi in Dresden

15th March - On Memory: Recital and Conversation

14th March - Final Year Recitalists 2

13th March - Birmingham Symphonic Brass

12th March - University Women's Choir and Birmingham University Singers

11th March - Visualising Sound 2: Workshop Day

11th March - Gildas Quartet and Jack McNeill

11th March - BBC Philharmonic

9th March - "Nature and Mystery": The influence of Bartók's night music in Italy

9th March - Angela Hewitt

7th March - CEMPR Small Ensembles

6th March - University Chorus and City of Birmingham Choir with Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra

5th March - When yesterday we met... Storytelling through song

5th March - Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller at Carnegie Hall 1939

4th March - Alexander Ullman

4th March - David Rees-Williams Trio

3rd March - Final Year Recitalists 1

2nd March - Seascape in the mist: lost in Mendelssohn's Hebrides

29th February - Performance Practice Recital

29th February - Shadows, not substantial things: music in the works of James Shirley

27th February - Chamber Music Night

26th February - Christopher Orton and Tomoko Matsuoka

24th February - Title to be confirmed

22nd February - Harmonieband

20th February - Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

19th February - Judith Weir

19th February - Moments of Weightlessness

19th February - Composers in Conversation

19th February - Friday Night Classics: Rodgers and Hammerstein

18th February - BODY CLOCK Interactive Installation

18th-19th February - Jazz Collective

17th February - miniBEAST featuring Erik Nyström

17th February - Erik Nyström

17th February - Fidelio Trio

16th February - VENUE CHANGE: Aisha Orazbayeva and Joseph Houston

16th February - Joel Sachs

15th February - Gamelan Ensemble

13th-14th February - BEAST and SOUNDkitchen present: BEASTdome Pantry Sessions

12th February - Visualising Sound 1: Art and Music Workshop Day

12th February - Hermes Ensemble

12th February - New Music Ensemble

10th February - Ellen Fallowfield

7th February - Chamber Orchestra and EMVE

5th February - Rachel Lee Priday and Michael Dussek

3rd February - Historically informed performance and the boundaries of musical discourse

3rd February - Ian Bostridge and Joseph Middleton

29th January - Musical portraits: lecture-recitals

27th January - Music and ritual in action: tackling HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa

22nd January - Musical portraits: lecture-recitals

20th January - Cadence and formal articulation in Nineteenth-Century Sonata forms

15th January - Savitri Greer and Richard Uttley


11th December - Amy Harman and Tom Poster

9th December - Title to be confirmed

9th December - Pascal and Ami Rogé

4th December - New Blues for Piano

27th November - Alexander Ullman and Michael Petrov

25th November - Title to be confirmed

25th November - quartet-lab replaced by Pieter Wispelwey and Paolo Giacometti

20th November - Morgan Pearse and Jonathan Ware

15th November - University Baroque Orchestra

13th November - King Edward's School and King Edward VI High School for Girls

11th November - The interpretive process as research

6th November - Nathaniel Vallois and David Quigley

4th November - The Horn of Africa in Tel Aviv

1st November - Music Experience Day

30th October - Takahashi, Stringfellow and Whiffen

28th October - What can democracy mean for music?

28th October - Binchois Consort: the Battle of Agincourt

23rd October - Apollo Saxophone Quartet

21st October - Bax's In Memorias [sic]

16th October - Dautricourt Trio

9th October - ensembleF2: Discovering Danzi

2nd October - Clara Mouriz and Joseph Middleton

9th-11th September - The Royal Musical Association annual conference 2015

19th-20th June - Music and Realism: comparative historical perspectives

7th-19th June - Summer Festival of Music

29th May - Florentine Arts Ensemble

22nd May - Clipper Erickson

18th May - Taking time - A Composer's reflection on how he works [full video available]

15th May - Marcus Farnsworth and Joseph Middleton

8th May - Oliver She

6th May - La Venexiana

1st May - Daniel Tones and Owen Underhill

30th April-2nd May - BEAST Feast 2015

28th-30th April - BEAST:FEaST 2016

27th April-2nd June - Monday Lunchtime Series

27th March - Barber Lunchtime Series: Lady Barber's Legacy

25th March - Barber Evening Series: Nash Ensemble

24th March - Big Band and Jazz Collective

23rd March - University Camerata

22nd March - Philharmonic Orchestra

21st March - The Age of Choirs

20th March - Barber Lunchtime Series: Tesla Quartet

20th March - Brass in Concert

19th March - BEAST: Evensong

16th March - AWAKE

15th March - Saxophone Ensemble

14th March - University Chorus

13th March - Barber Lunchtime Series: Chetham's School of Music

13th March - Symphony Orchestra

6th March - Barber Lunchtime Series: Piano4Hands

1st March - Voyages of Discovery

27th February - Barber Lunchtime Series: Alexander Ullman

27th February - Barber Lunchtime Series: New Music Ensemble

25th February - Music Research Colloquium: Agnieszka Pluta

20th February - Barber Lunchtime Series: Gansch and Middleton

20th February - CBSO Friday Night Classics: Opera Gala

18th February - English song in the 15th century: was this a golden age?

18th February - Barber Evening Series: Dante Quartet

15th February - Chamber Ensembles and Gamelan Ensemble

13th February - Barber Lunchtime Series: Whelan and Smith

11th February - Life on mars before Life on Mars: music and Adam Adamant Lives

8th February - University Chamber Orchestra

6th February - Barber Lunchtime Series: Rose Consort of Viols

28th January - In materna lingua: nuns and polyphony in early 16th-century Italy

23rd-24th January - BEASTdome: Pantry Sessions

23rd-30th January - Barber Lunchtime Series: Romantic Piano Fantasies

21st January - Music Research Colloquium: Richard Rijnvos

21st January - Music Research Colloquium: Rodney Sharman

21st January - Barber Evening Series: VOCES8

16th January - Barber Lunchtime Series: Baker and Limonov


13th-14th December - Birmingham University Singers

12th December - University Women's Choir

10th December - MiniBEAST series

10th December - "Pirating the Pachamama (Earth Mother)": mimesis, remix and distortion in the Bolivian Andes

8th December - University Carol Service

7th December - Best of British: University Brass Band and Chamber Choirs

6th December - Wind Band and Saxophone Ensemble

5th December - Navarra Quartet with Alexander Boyd

3rd December - MiniBEAST series

30th November - Eternal Light: Symphony Orchestra and University Chorus

28th November - In the Silence of the Secret Night

28th November - University Big Band

26th November - MiniBEAST series

26th November - Keeping tracks: archiving sound in the 21st Century

21st November - Henry Fairs and David Hatcher

21st November - University organ festival finale

19th November - MiniBEAST series

19th November - Music Research Colloquium: Richard Baker

15th November - Henry Fairs

14th November - King Edward's School and King Edward VI High School for Girls

14th November - Thomas Trotter with Birmingham University Singers

12th November - MiniBEAST series

12th November - Music Research Colloquium: Orlando Garcia

12th November - John Lill

7th November - Total Brass

5th November - MiniBEAST series

5th November - Once more, with singing (and dancing): musical episodes in television series

1st November - Nova Music Opera

31st October - Crossing borders: Music's journey between Italy and France

29th October - MiniBEAST series

29th October - Music Research Colloquium: Patricia Alessandrini

24th October - Presteigne Festival Tour

22nd October - MiniBEAST series

22nd October - The musical refiguring of Shelley: Granville Bantock and The Witch of Atlas

17th October - Hallé Soloists

15th October - MiniBEAST series

15th October - Becoming-minoritarian: embodiment and disembodiment in Szymanowski's Mythes, Op.30

15th October - Winterreise

10th October - Peter Moore and Robert Thompson

8th October - MiniBEAST series

7th October - The Hip Hop Fellow

3rd October - Incus Ensemble

28th September - Music in the making

3rd-6th July - Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference 2014

20th June - Birmingham University Singers and University Women's Choir

18th June - Summer Festival Sinfonia

17th June - Big Band

15th June - Brass Band

14th June - Wind Band: stage and screen spectacular

13th June - Chamber Ensembles

13th-15th June - Summer Festival Opera

9th June - miniBEAST

8th June - Saxophone Ensemble

2nd-4th June - Final Year recitalists

6th May - Final Year recitalists

6th May - Postgraduate lecture recitals

3rd May - BEASTiary

2nd May - BEASTiary

28th April - Final Year recitalists

27th March - Postgraduate lecture recitals

27th March - Big Band

24th March - Final Year recitalists

23rd March - Symphony Orchestra

21st March - Binchois Consort, Birmingham University Singers and University Women's Choir

20th March - Postgraduate lecture recitals

17th March - Final Year recitalists

16th March - University Chorus and Philharmonic Orchestra

15th March - Chamber Choirs and Chamber Ensembles

14th March - Brass in concert

13th March - Postgraduate lecture recitals

10th March - Early Modern Vocal Ensemble

9th March - Wind Band and Saxophone Ensemble

3rd March - Final Year recitalists

24th February - Early Music Ensembles

19th February - Introduction to postgraduate study in the School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music

16th February - Music experience day

14th February - BEAST@IKON

7th February - Gilbert and Sullivan Gala

2nd February - Sons of Bach

31st January-2nd February - BEAST@CBSO Centre: pioneers of sound

27th January - BEASTdome

6th-8th January - The Royal Music Association's 2014 Research Students' Conference


13th December - Barber Lunchtime Concerts: Trio Isimsiz

9th December - The University Carol Service

8th December - Symphony Orchestra: Of myth and legend: Tales from Russia

7th December - Workshop: perfecting your PhD application

6th December - Barber Lunchtime Concerts: Bartosz Woroch

6th December - Wind Band & Saxophone Ensemble

5th December - Jazzlines presents... Alcyona Mick's Blink

4th December - Barber Evening Concert: Simón Bolívar String Quartet

30th November - Brass in Space!

29th November - Barber Lunchtime Concerts: Department of Music Postgraduates

29th November - Big Band

29th November - UMS Big Band

23rd November - Birmingham University Singers and Women's Choir

22nd November - Barber Lunchtime Concerts:Di Xiao

17th November - Onyx Brass

15th November - Barber Lunchtime Concerts: Florin Ensemble

8th November - Barber Lunchtime Concerts: rarescale

8th November - BEASTdome

28th October - The Life and Afterlife of Early Musics

27th October - Birmingham University Women's Choir

27th October - Birmingham University Women's Choir in Worcester

25th October - Barber Lunchtime Concerts: Ulrich Heinen and Malcolm Wilson

16th October - Barber Evening Concerts: The Sixteen

11th October - Barber Lunchtime Concerts: Kitty Whately and Joseph Middleton

8th October - Strings Masterclass: Dancing with Bach

8th October - Lecture-recital: Dancing with Bach

29th September - Music in the making

5th July - Birmingham International Jazz and Blues Festival

23rd-24th June - Brant International Piano Competition 2013

22nd June - Undergraduate open day

21st June - Undergraduate open day

20th June - Undergraduate open day

14th June - Festival Voices - Melody Morris (conductor)

13th June - Big Band

12th June - Sinfonia - Taihei Yimiketa (conductor)

11th June - Chamber Ensembles

10th June - Lunchtime Postgraduate Concert

9th June - Community Day

7th-9th June - Matthew Knight (Director) and Georgina Wheatley (Music Director)

24th-26th May - BEAST: Vanishing Point

15th May - Final year recitals (15 May)

14th May - Final year recitals (14 May)

13th May - Final year recitals (13 May)

10th May - Luca Luciano (clarinet)

8th May - James Rhodes piano

3rd May - Richard Uttley (piano)

3rd May - Hermes Ensemble & New Music Ensemble

29th April - Final Year Recitalists (29 April)

28th April - Binchois Consort & Birmingham University Singers

26th April - Concert by Jack McNeill (clarinet) and Melissa Morris (piano)

22nd April - Final Year Recitalists (22 April)

5th April - Total Brass

22nd March - Early Music Concert

22nd March - Big Band

20th March - Concert by Clipper Erickson (piano) and Laurie Altman (composer)

18th March - Department of Music Recitals

17th March - University Choir & Philharmonic Orchestra

15th March - Anneke Scott horn and Steven Devine fortepiano

15th March - Brass Band & Wind Band

14th March - Urban Fox Folk Sessions

12th March - Wagner

11th March - Early Music Concert

10th March - UMS Symphony Orchestra

10th March - UMS Symphony Orchestra

8th March - Juice

8th March - UMS Chamber Choirs

8th March - UMS Chamber Choirs

7th March - Chris Mapp Group

7th March - Chris Mapp Group

4th March - Final year recitalists (4 March)

1st March - Hallé Soloists

25th February - Final year recitalists (25 Feb)

24th February - Birmingham University Singers

22nd February - Philip Higham cello and Sam Armstrong piano

20th February - Chamber Ensembles and Saxophone Ensemble

20th February - Chamber Ensembles and Saxophone Ensemble

19th February - Bach Reception in Korea

18th February - Final year recitalists (18 Feb)

17th February - BEAST presents... Encounters (Sunday)

17th February - BEAST presents... Encounters (Sunday)

16th February - BEAST presents... Encounters (Saturday)

16th February - BEAST presents... Encounters (Saturday)

16th-17th February - Birmingham University Singers

15th February - Alkan: An Anniversary Lecture-Recital

15th February - BEAST presents... Encounters (Friday)

15th February - BEAST presents... Encounters Friday

13th February - Jerusalem Quartet

11th February - Final year recitalists (11 Feb)

8th February - UMS Honorary President's Lecture

7th February - Percy Pursglove Quartet

3rd February - In the House of the Devil

3rd February - In the House of the Devil

30th January - Barber Evening Concert

29th January - Music research seminar

27th January - Atalante

25th January - Trio Petrus - Barber Lunchtime Concert

18th January - Chetham's School of Music - Barber Lunchtime Concert

17th January - The Folk Sessions

16th January - Online chat: College of Arts and Law Scholarships 2013

15th January - Music research seminar

11th January - Hermes Ensemble - Barber Lunchtime Concert

10th January - Mike Williams Quartet


8th December - Ex Cathedra: Gaudete!

7th December - Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

6th December - University Music Society Big Band

5th December - Utterly Brassed Off

4th December - Raffles Schools (Raffles Institution & Raffles Girls' School)

4th December - Canzonettas in solo guitar anthologies: a possible strategy for reconstructing alfabeto songs

2nd December - BEAST at 30 (Sunday)

1st December - BEAST at 30 (Saturday)

30th November - Bramall Festival Public Tour

30th November - Bramall Festival Public Tour

30th November - New Music Ensemble and BEER

29th November - Play Out

28th November - The Power of Music

27th November - John Ireland: A semi-centenary tribute

27th November - Elgar: the Enigma

26th November - In conversation: 'Music and Architecture'

25th November - University Music Society Philharmonic Orchestra

13th November - Collisions of Sublimities: The Case of Gellert's Geistliche Oden und Lieder (1757)

23rd October - Soundscapes of the Global Eighteenth Century from the Sistine Chapel to Canton Harbor

9th October - Late medieval tuning theory and performance implication: the case of the chromatic semitone

27th-30th September - Barber Opera - Steffani's Orlando Generoso

26th September - Barber Lunchtime Lecture

26th September - Barber Lunchtime Lecture

23rd September - Music in the making!

13th September - Jazzlines presents Matt Ratcliffe Coda Quartet

19th-21st August - Stockhausen A Festival of Light

21st July - Enjoy some BEER at SUMMERsupper

13th July - Birmingham International Jazz and Blues Festival II

6th July - Birmingham International Jazz and Blues Festival I

4th July - BEER with Julian Rohrhuber

23rd-24th June - The Robert William and Florence Amy Brant International Pianoforte Competition 2012

14th June - Big Band

13th June - Chamber Ensembles and Choir

12th June - A Chorus Line: Broadway Sing-Along

10th June - Music at University Community Day

8th-10th June - Summer Festival Opera - Benjamin Britten's Paul Bunyan

3rd May - Noisefloor Festival

23rd March - Final Year Recitalists

18th March - University Choir and Philharmonic Orchestra

16th March - Final Year Recitalists

14th March - David Pyatt, Lucy Gould and Leon McCawley

11th March - Symphony Orchestra

9th March - 'From Paris to New York: Ravel and Gershwin for Violin and Piano'

9th March - Chamber Choir

4th March - Saxophone Ensemble

3rd March - Wind Band and Brass Band

2nd March - University Chamber Orchestra

29th February - Natalie Clein and Alasdair Beatson

24th February - Early Music Ensembles

17th February - Holly Cook and Yukiko Shinohara

14th February - 'When Love's Soft Passion'

10th February - University Music Scholars

10th February - Rush Hour Blues

8th February - Richard Goode

4th February - University Music Society Chamber Ensembles

3rd February - Birmingham University Singers

29th January - NotSoMASSRadioCoding and Telepathic

27th January - Rosa Campos Fernandez and Pei Chun Liao

20th January - Barber Lunchtime Concert - Jayson Gillham

13th January - Kenneth Hamilton: 'At the piano with Brahms'