Harry White

Harry White achieved a double first in Music at the University of Birmingham in 2004. He is now a Music Tutor in a Sixth Form College, as well as being a published academic and a contributing journalist to publications like Classical Music Magazine, The Guardian and Sinfini.

Harry WhiteHow did studying at Birmingham help you in your career?

“Three things: skills, self- belief and contacts. All of these things I learned and acquired at Birmingham and have been a constant and practical advantage in attempting to further my career. I believe strongly that I owe much of what I might have achieved so far to my time at Birmingham. Primarily my degree allowed me to develop skills in independence of learning, self- criticism and driving for higher standards. These are of inestimable value in any profession.

My degree also challenged me to think about myself, for myself, and dare to aspire. I studied with some incredibly talented musicians and learning from them was one of the most profound positives of the whole experience. I now have a great many friends in the music industry who studied at Birmingham and the amount of graduates I know who are successful in an incredibly competitive market speaks volumes about the University.”

What advice would you give to current students?

So my top advice to you if you are thinking of/are studying music at the University of Birmingham would be to learn from your peers, always aspire to improve and work hard (very hard). The time as an Undergraduate can shape your future markedly. Probably the best practical advice I got from a tutor was 'So, you want a first? Well, read and get some exercise'.

What is your favourite memory from studying at Birmingham?

My favourite memory is looking across campus after a rehearsal as a fresher and seeing a pretty young woman strolling by the splendid Barber Institute wearing a blue scarf and a heavy grey coat. Seven years later she was my wife!”