Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences student perspective: Asia

I didn’t know what I wanted to study before discovering my course. I wanted to do every degree I saw, and then I found Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences and fell in love with it and the broad spectrum of subjects I can study.

Asia with her arm in the air

After visiting the campus, I knew it was “the one”. I saw other universities offering a Liberal Arts degree but kept comparing it to UoB and couldn’t even imagine going anywhere else. The campus and the city are beautiful, the degree is terrific, and the students and staff are lovely.

For the moment, my favourite module has been Contemporary Creative Writing which covers everything from writing your own piece to publishing your work and being represented. I’ve enjoyed learning about all the different aspects of being a writer and the various persons it takes for a book to land in our hands.

When arriving at UoB, I joined a few societies and a sports club. I joined the LANS society and pole dance society, and the fencing club. I’ve been a fencer for over 10 years and was excited about being in a new club and meeting new fencing aficionados. 

I’ve been loving my choices of modules and LANS’ Cultural Programme with so many great guest lecturers. I love that I get to associate any subjects together and learn so much from them. My lecturers have been so fantastic; you can tell their passion for their work when they talk. It is so inspiring.