Meet the team - Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences

Our Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences team is drawn from across the University's wide-ranging disciplinary expertise. Our academics are developing innovative solutions to big issues across the arts and sciences.

Professor Diana Spencer

Dr Diana Spencer

Dean of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences
Professor of Classics

Diana’s research explores the nature of individual and collective identity in ancient Rome during the late Republic and 1st century CE. This puts her in regular conversation with intellectual and political luminaries: Cicero, Caesar, Horace, Vergil and Varro.

Dr Shelley Budgeon

Shelley Budgeon

Vice-Dean of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences
Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Shelley is a Senior lecturer in Sociology. Her expertise is in the field of gender studies. She specialises in theorising the relationship between gender and various forces of social change focusing on their impact upon key social institutions, as well as, individual identities. 

Professor Frank Lough

Frank Lough

Liberal Arts and Sciences Tutor
Professor of Hispanics Studies

Frank’s main interests are in forms of narrative –  especially Spanish novels, comics and films of the 20th and 21st centuries – and the philosopher María Zambrano. Currently, his focus is on narratives of the Spanish Civil War and the Franco regime.

Dr Julia Myatt

Julia Myatt

Liberal Arts and Sciences Tutor
Natural Sciences Tutor

Lecturer in Behavioural Ecology and Morphology 

Julia's research interests have focused on the morphology-behaviour-habitat interface in non-human Great Apes and the collective behavior of group-living animals. 

Dr Emil Toescu

Emil Toescu

Liberal Arts and Sciences Tutor
Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience 

Emil leads the LANS core modules for Year 1 and runs the LANS Cultural Programme and Cafe Culturel. He is interested in expanding interdisciplinary approaches between Science and Arts/Humanities. 

Dr Iestyn Williams

Iestyn Williams

Liberal Arts and Sciences Tutor
Reader in Health Policy and Management

Iestyn is a Reader in Health Policy and Management at the Health Services Management Centre (School of Social Policy) where he is also Director of Research.  His research relates to decision-making in health care, including how to allocate scarce resources on NHS treatments and services. 

Dr David Galindo

David Galindo

Liberal Arts and Sciences Tutor
Lecturer in Computer Security

David's expertise is in the design and analysis of cryptographic primitives and protocols, both from a theoretical and applied perspective. He is interested on the societal impact of computer-based technologies and how they might influence individuals' privacy and democracy. 

Dr Simon Scott

Photograph of Dr Simon Scott

Liberal Arts and Sciences Tutor
Teaching Fellow

Simon's research has focused ancient and continental philosophy, particularly the trajectory of Plato, Nietzsche and Deleuze. He is currently working on 'Deleuze's strategy for overcoming ressentiment in his reading of Nietzsche', and 'Shame and erotic love in Plato's Symposium and Phaedrus'.

Dr Mircea Scrob

Photograph of Dr Mircea Scrob

Liberal Arts and Sciences Tutor
Teaching Fellow

Mircea's research and teaching interests are in the areas of Food Studies, Mixed Research Methods, Economic History of Modern Eastern Europe, and History of Nutritional Science in the 20th Century.

Graham Davies

Graham Davies

Programme Manager and Welfare Tutor

Graham provides administrative support for student assessment, feedback, registration and progression, acting as a link between LANS and other departments. He also provides pastoral and study-related advice for the welfare and support systems for students.

Neil Nelson

Neil Nelson

Operations Manager

Neil provides professional managerial support to the Dean and works with business partners responsible for planning, quality, marketing, HR, external relations and the international office. He also liaises with our academic colleagues across the colleges.

Mary Ann Clarke

Mary Ann Clarke

Programme Administrator

Mary Ann provides students with an initial point of contact for programme matters, including assessment, feedback and module registration, communicating on your behalf to other Schools. She also assists in the management of events, such as Open Days and Applicant Visit Days.

Alice Heaps

Alice Heaps

LANS Digital Ambassador

Alice manages our social media accounts, where she shares photos and useful information. You can follow LANS on Twitter and Instagram at @LANS_unibham.