Meet the team - Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences

Our Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences team is drawn from across the University's wide-ranging disciplinary expertise. Our academics are developing innovative solutions to big issues across the arts and sciences.

Professor Diana Spencer

Dr Diana Spencer

Dean, Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences
Professor of Classics

Diana’s research explores the nature of individual and collective identity in ancient Rome during the late Republic and 1st century CE. This puts her in regular conversation with intellectual and political luminaries: Cicero, Caesar, Horace, Vergil and Varro.

Dr Lloyd Jenkins

Dr Lloyd Jenkins, Deputy Dean, Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences - University of Birmingham

Deputy Dean, Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences
Lecturer in Historical and Cultural Geography

Dr Jenkins is a Historical Geographer, with an interest in landscape change and people’s relationship with the past.

Dr Julia Myatt

Julia Myatt

Director of Natural Sciences
Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Ecology and Morphology 

Julia's research interests have focused on the morphology-behaviour-habitat interface in non-human Great Apes and the collective behaviour of group-living animals. 

Dr Simon Scott

Photograph of Dr Simon Scott

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences
Admissions Tutor
Lecturer (Philosophy)

Simon's research has focused ancient and continental philosophy, particularly the trajectory of Plato, Nietzsche and Deleuze. He is currently working on 'Deleuze's strategy for overcoming ressentiment in his reading of Nietzsche', and 'Shame and erotic love in Plato's Symposium and Phaedrus'.

Dr Mircea Scrob

Mircea Scrob

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences
Lecturer (Interdisciplinary Humanities)

Mircea's research and teaching interests are in the areas of Food Studies, Mixed Research Methods, Economic History of Modern Eastern Europe, and History of Nutritional Science in the 20th Century.

Dr Ilija Rašović


Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences Academic Lead: Subjects in Engineering and Physical Sciences
Lecturer in Engineering and Physical Sciences

Ilija’s research interests lie at the interface of materials science, chemistry and medicine, harnessing supramolecular chemistry, particularly with carbon nanomaterials, for use in medical applications. He also focuses on practical science communication, aiding students, staff and research groups throughout the university.

Dr James Everest

James Everest

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences
Teaching Fellow (Interdisciplinary Humanities)

James is a Personal Tutor in LANS and contributes to the delivery of the core modules. He has a background in languages, English and History and recently completed a PhD at UCL on practical optics in seventeenth-century England. He is currently working on the life of Otto Wächter, the Nazi Governor of Galicia (now western Ukraine), in a project co-ordinated by Philippe Sands. Work on this project led to the BBC Radio 4 documentary series Intrigue: The Ratline.

Dr Jennifer Marshall

Image of Jennifer Marshall

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences Academic Lead: Subjects in Medical and Dental Sciences
Lecturer (Biomedical Sciences)

Jennifer’s research interests are fibroblasts in inflammatory diseases. She is also an imaging using a variety of imaging and analysis methods to obtain insight into patient disease stage and outcome. Jennifer is an enthusiastic and engaged member of the teaching community within the Medical School as a lecturer, personal tutor and developer of new teaching material. Her previous post-doctoral work and PhD studies concentrated on B cell responses; how they respond to different antigens in vitro and in vivo. This encompassed vaccine design, aging and B cell differentiation.


Dr Julian Pänke


Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences Academic Lead: Subjects in Social Sciences
Lecturer in European Politics

Julian Pänke is particularly interested in the international relations of Europe. His research explores EU foreign policy, the impact of history on foreign policy making and currently how tensions between nation- and empire building shape a state’s external behaviour. Thus, more broadly the relation between culture and power. From a regional perspective, Julian has focused on Central and Eastern Europe as well as the EU’s relations with Arab states.

Julian is also the DAAD-Fachlektor at the University. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a registered association and its members are German institutions of higher education and student bodies. The DAAD supports the internationalisation of German universities, promotes German studies and the German language abroad, advises decision makers on matters of cultural, education and development policy and supports the international exchange of students and scholars through funding.

Dr Steffen Prauser

Steffen Prauser

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences
Lecturer (Interdisciplinary Humanities and Conflict Studies) 

Steffen's research and teaching interests are in the areas of War Studies, Social and Political History of Contemporary Western Europe in general, and on France and Italy under German occupation during the Second World War in particular. For LANS he also runs the Summer School on Conflict Studies in France and teaches “French Reading” classes.  

Dr Anja Deppe

Anja Deppe

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences Academic Lead: Subjects in Life and Environmental Sciences
Lecturer in Behavioural Ecology and Cognition

Anja's research uses experiments to examine how small prey animals perceive their predators and make decisions about risk. She has studied lemurs in the rainforest of Madagascar and marsupials in Australia and her findings contribute to the design of conservation measures and inform about the cognitive evolution in animals.


Dr Will Tattersdill

Photograph of Will Tattersdill

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences Academic Lead: Subjects in Arts and Law
Senior Lecturer in Popular Literature

Will is interested in the relationship between literature and science, especially as it is figured in popular culture from the nineteenth century to the present. His current work is on the social history of dinosaurs over this period.


Graham Davies

Graham Davies

Programme Manager

Graham provides administrative support for student assessment, feedback, registration and progression, acting as a link between LANS and other departments.

Neil Nelson

Neil Nelson

Operations Manager

Neil provides professional managerial support to the Dean and works with business partners responsible for planning, quality, marketing, HR, external relations and the international office. He also liaises with our academic colleagues across the colleges.

Jade Stewart

A photo of Jade Stewart in an outdoor setting

Wellbeing Officer (Covering Maternity Leave)

Jade (she/her) is experienced in working with mental health, particularly within student counselling and wellbeing support services. Jade is currently completing an MSc in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, and volunteers as a counsellor in her spare time.

Ruth Johnson 

Ruth Johnson

Wellbeing Officer

Ruth provides pastoral and study-related advice for the welfare and support of our students.


Mary Ann Clarke

Mary Ann Clarke

Programme Administrator

Mary Ann provides students with an initial point of contact for programme matters, including assessment, feedback and module registration, communicating on your behalf to other Schools. She also assists in the management of events, such as Open Days and Offer-holder Visit Days.

Charlie BalchinCharlie is wearing a purple coat and hat and is smiling at a camera

 Media and Communications Ambassador

Charlie works as a Media and Communications Ambassador for LANS, focusing on developing new ways to bring together the LANS community. Charlie focuses on writing the weekly newsletter, promoting EDI and outreach efforts within LANS, and ‘bridging the gap’ between alumni, present students, prospective students and staff. Charlie is a final year student majoring in Sustainability, with an interest in Anthropology, Economics and International Relations

Asia Abadie


Media and Communications Ambassador

Asia Works as a Media and Communications Ambassador for LANS, focusing on developing new ways to bring together the LANS Community. Asia focuses on publications across all our social networks and the website, promoting Cultural Programme events and getting prospective students interested in LANS. Asia is a first-year student majoring in Creative Writing, with an interest in Film, Marketing and Communications.