News and events relating to the School of Metallurgy and Materials.


New research paves the way for many new molecular crystals with fantastic new properties

Halogen-bonded cocrystallization with phosphorus, arsenic and antimony acceptors

New Apprenticeship Standard for Materials Scientists and Engineers of the Future

The University of Birmingham has joined forces with industry to develop an apprenticeship for the next generation of materials scientists and engineers.

Professor Paul Withey discusses single-crystal superalloys for jet engine turbines on Aerospace Engineering podcast

Paul Withey, Professor of Casting at the School of Metallurgy and Materials, features in the latest eposide of the Aerospace Engineering podcast.

ENDURUNS project gets underway

ENDURUNS project kicks off. This is a Horizon 2020 and Korean Government funded project looking to develop and demonstrate a long-endurance sea surveying autonomous unmanned vehicle with gliding capability powered by hydrogen fuel cell.

Critical Elements and Materials (CrEAM) network launch

Launch meeting for the CrEAM - Critical Elements and Materials - Network

Less is more: the remarkable properties of the smallest possible one-dimensional materials

Scientists are developing the smallest possible one-dimensional (1D) materials called 'extreme nanowires'.

New high-capacity sodium-ion could replace lithium in rechargeable batteries

University of Birmingham scientists are paving the way to swap the lithium in lithium-ion batteries with sodium, according to research published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Scaling scientific heights to overturn a long-held theory of the 'peak effect' in superconducting materials

As scientists explore the possibility of a superconductor capable of operating at room temperature, some superconducting phenomena are still not fully understood. Dr Mark Laver, a Birmingham Fellow and Senior Lecturer in the School of Metallurgy and Materials, has made a significant breakthrough.
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