Communities and Social Action


This course examines how individuals relate to communities and wider societies. We will be employing theories from within psychology – including from social and environmental psychology – to understand problems, and specifically perception, motivations and behaviours of individuals within social contexts.

Finally, we will explore links between social issues, sense of community and action research.


  • Lectures: 10 × 2 hours
  • Seminars: 7 × 1 hour
  • Office hours: 10 × 1 hour
  • 1 x 1 hour revision session


  • Coursework Essay (50%)
  • Examination (50%)

Coursework: Students will be asked to select one of two essay titles and compose a 1,500 word essay. 

Examination: The summer examination paper will consist of 5 essay questions, of which students will be asked to select and answer 2 questions. 

Key skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Organisation and planning
  • Information gathering
  • Ability to use and interpret research