Understanding Emotions


The module will explore the main debates in the neuro-cognitive research of emotions. It will focus on evidence from a variety of research methods including behavioural, neuroimaging and neuropsychological studies.

  • Are bodily responses the core or the consequence of emotions, the role of the insula?
  • The relation between emotion and cognition, the role of amygdala
  • How many emotions do we have?
  • Are emotions universal or culture specific?
  • How do we know what another feels?
  • The interaction between amygdale


  • 11 x two-hour lectures
  • 6 x two-hour seminars


  • Student-led Seminar (25%)
  • Research Design and Grant Proposal Coursework (2,000 words; 50%)
  • Peer-review of Grant Proposals (1,000 words; 25%)