Our problem of categories: three ways forward for global philosophy of religion

Room G03 - Alan Walters Building
Wednesday 1 February 2023 (17:00-18:30)



Public lecture with Professor Timothy Knepper  (Drake University) 


If philosophy of religion is to globalize, it must not only include a greater range of religio-philosophies as “content” but also innovate new categories (and methods) for philosophizing about religion, since the core topics, questions, and problems of “western” philosophy of religion are not applicable to many of the globe’s religio-philosophies. This talk will outline and assess three such innovative “ways forward” for global philosophy of religion, one deductive, another inductive, the final dialogical.  


timothy knepper giving a lectureTimothy Knepper is Professor of Philosophy at Drake University, where he directs The Comparison Project, a public program in comparative philosophy of religion, that focuses on the study of local-lived religion and the cultivation of interfaith leadership. He authored global-critical books on the future of philosophy of religion (most recently Philosophies of Religion: A Global and Critical Introduction, 2022); and is also specialized in the sixth-century Christian mystic known as Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite (Negating Negation, 2014). Besides, he is the editor of student-written photo-narratives about religion in Des Moines (A Spectrum of Faith, 2017) and in Beijing (Religions of Beijing, 2020).

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