Previous events


13th-14th December - Properties and Predication Workshop

6th December - Brain dysfunction and moral culpability

6th December - Debunking arguments in mathematics and ethics

30th November - Factivity and Basic Perceptual Reasons

29th November - Suspending Judgment: A Corrective

28th November - Pantheism and Panentheism Project Workshop

22nd November - Challenges to Wellbeing: The Experience of Loneliness and the Threat of Epistemic Injustice in the Clinical Encounter

22nd November - Ethics Brunch Series 2017/18

22nd November - Against Speciesism

15th November - History and Persons

13th November - Memory as a generative epistemic source

8th November - Fake news as a threat to democracy

25th October - Ethics Brunch Series 2017/18

18th October - Excusing Ordinary Individuals from Moral Responsibility for Global Injustice

14th October - Undergraduate Open Day

4th October - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

9th June - Cognition, Affect and Motivation: Conceptual and Empirical issues

5th June - Future desires, the agony argument, and subjectivism about reasons

1st June - Blood oil

1st-2nd June - Humanitarian ethics and action

31st May - Title to be confirmed

25th May - Optimism and success

18th May - Moral responsibility – hard cases

17th May - Title to be confirmed

15th May - Seminar title to be confirmed

3rd May - Ungrounded ground

13th March - Grounding, reduction and analysis

27th February - Knowing things

16th February - Workshop on Cecile Fabre's Cosmopolitan Peace

30th January - Idealism and the mind-body problem

20th January - 'On Cosmopolitanism: Equality, Ecology and the Transition to a Fairer World' Workshop

16th January - Into the Frying Pan: Moral Responsibility and Excuses

4th-5th January - The new methods of ethics, conference 2


7th December - Philosophy Work in Progress seminar

28th November - Who's Afraid of Andrea Dworkin? Feminism and the Analytic Philosophy of Sex?

14th November - Equality and Variation

9th November - Philosophy Work in Progress seminar

17th October - Philosophy Society seminar title tbc

12th October - Biases, beliefs and responsiveness to evidence

10th October - Project PERFECT: Uncoupling Mental Illness from Irrationality

3rd October - Reasoning and Consequence for Indicative Conditionals

23rd September - Philosophy of religion one-day workshop

15th-16th September - The new methods of ethics, conference 1

28th June - Philosophy of Religion Workshop

17th-18th June - Grounding and Consciousness Conference

9th June - Let's talk about the Demands of Beauty

5th June - Millennium Own Goals?

3rd June - Cheating, corruption, and sport

26th May - How Pot (and other recreational drugs) Can Cure Racism

26th-27th May - Topics in global justice: agency, power and policy

9th May - Action in ethics

9th May - Agency Without Rationality

25th April - Preference capture

18th March - Normativity in metaethics and epistemology

16th March - Philosophy Work in Progress Seminar

10th March - Global challenges: the contributions of social science

8th March - National conversations: whose feathers are ruffled?

7th March - Credibility assessment in asylum interviews: a case of epistemic exploitation?

2nd March - Philosophy Work in Progress Seminar

1st March - Thinking locally: continuity and change

25th-26th February - Optimism – Its nature, causes and effects

22nd February - What is the basis of social cognition? On behaviour-reading, mindreading, and nativism

4th-5th February - False but Useful Beliefs

3rd February - Philosophy Work in Progress Seminar

1st February - Towards a grand unified theory of reference


1st December - The Best Available Parent

26th November - Global Justice and the Global South

25th November - Global Justice and the Global South

22nd November - The tickle stick: the importance of happiness and how to get it

17th November - Epistemic Expansions

20th October - How Not To Talk About Anger

9th October - 7th Philosophy of Religion One-Day Workshop

29th September - Aesthetics and Value

6th-7th August - In the unjust meantime

11th-13th July - Joint Session 2014

4th July - Emergencies and affected peoples: philosophy, policy and practice

16th-17th June - New Directions in Public Reason

13th June - Philosophy of Religion one-day workshop

6th June - Royal Institute of Philosophy Workshop: time and well-being

3rd June - Philosophical progress and reasonable optimism

30th May - The ethics of humanitarian intervention

27th May - Wise choices

24th May - Perfect me! at the Hay Festival

22nd May-1st June - Hay Festival

19th May - The comparative badness for animals of death and suffering

16th May - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Metaethics

12th May - Aesthetic adjectives

8th-9th May - Costs and Benefits of Imperfect Cognitions Workshop

6th May - What abilities are not

27th March - Why things look different in the shade

24th March - Advaita Vedanta and British Idealism

21st March - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Capacities

21st March - 366 Days of Kindness – A Talk

18th March - Save the Children Fund Film

17th March - Mental Illness: Philosophy, Ethics and Society

17th March - Predictive Coding

17th-21st March - What is it to be human? (event cancelled)

13th March - Heaven and Hell

12th March - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Belief

3rd March - TBA

28th February - Philosophy of Religion one day workshop

26th February - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Truth and Vagueness

24th February - Structure and Quasi-Structure of Objects

11th February - Reincarnation

10th February - Naming, Saying and Structure

27th January - Vague Desire: the Sorites and the Money Pump

22nd January - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Non-Standard Logic

20th January - Human dignity: a useful concept?


11th December - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Understanding and the A Priori

9th December - History and Non-Identity

7th December - Workshop: perfecting your PhD application

25th November - Impossible Worlds

22nd November - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Semantics and Pragmatics

18th November - Poor Heuristics

13th November - Tolstoy's question: the ecological preconditions of global justice

1st-2nd November - Consent: A capacious and contentious concept in feminist, legal, philosophical, and queer contexts

28th October - Why virtue ethics does not have a problem with right action

21st October - The Morality of Private War

11th-12th October - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Fundamentality

7th October - Taking Morality Mathematically: Enoch's Indispensability Argument

22nd June - Undergraduate open day

21st June - Undergraduate open day

20th June - Undergraduate open day

13th June - Workshop: Interpersonal Narratives and Mental Health

7th-8th June - My night with philosophers

31st May - Human enhancement: three perspectives

15th May - Subjective well-being: when, and why, it matters

13th May - Actions, reasons, and presuppositions

10th May - Professor Thomas Pogge (Yale)

9th May - Three puzzles about spatial experience

8th May - Philosophy of Religion one-day workshop

1st May - Workshop: Metaphysics of Time

29th April - Conceptual Cosmopolitanism: What conceptual relativity might be and could do

22nd April - Interpreting what Achilles said to the tortoise

21st March - Moral Responsibility and Psychopathology Workshop

20th March - Faith Schools - blessing or curse?

19th March - Online chat: Postgraduate programmes in Philosophy

18th March - Online chat: Postgraduate programmes in Philosophy

4th March - Philosophy Society: Bart Streumer

15th-16th February - Britain Tortures Too Conference

5th February - UG Philosophy Society: John Broome

1st February - Annual Philosophy of Religion Workshop

28th January - Philosophy Society: Ben Colburn

16th January - Online chat: College of Arts and Law Scholarships 2013