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The Philosophy Department at the University of Birmingham is a Local Partner of The Royal Institute of Philosophy (TRIP) and will host and organise events to bring philosophical expertise and philosophical discussion to the wider public.

In collaboration with Ema Sullivan-Bissett and Anna Ichino’s project on Conspiratorial Ideation and Pathological Belief (British Academy funded) and with project EPIC (Epistemic Injustice in Healthcare, Wellcome Trust funded), TRIP at Birmingham invites you to a special screening at Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) on 18 March 2024, from 17:30 to 19:30, entitled “In the mind of a conspiracy theorist”. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion by experts in conspiracy theories, delusional beliefs, misinformation, disagreement, and fake news. The audience will have the opportunity to actively participate with questions and comments.

Admission free but registration required. Programme suitable for secondary school and sixth-form college students.

Email Lisa Bortolotti for more details.

Panel members

Nikk Effingham

Nikk is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham. He is interested in whether time travel is possible and in how we should argue with people who endorse conspiracy beliefs, with a special focus on the Flat Earth conspiracy.

Professor Nikk Effingham

Kathleen Murphy-Hollies 

Kathleen is a Research Fellow on project EPIC, at the University of Birmingham. She is interested in how people come to understand themselves and their behaviour, with a focus on the social dimension of these processes. She is currently working on how beliefs in conspiracy theories can validate people's self-conceptions. 

Photo of Kathleen Murphy-Hollies

Ema Sullivan-Bissett 

Ema is a Reader in Philosophy at the University of Birmingham. She works on issues in the philosophy of mind and psychology, in particular, belief, delusion, and implicit bias. She is leading on two research projects: Deluded by Experience, and Conspiratorial Ideation and Pathological Belief. 

Photo of Ema Sullivan-Bissett

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