Previous Philosophy Society Seminars

All seminars are in the European Research Institute, Room 149, and begin at 16.15. All welcome!

  • For more information please contact the current convenors Nick Jones and Scott Sturgeon.

Summer term 2014

6 May
Barbara Vetter (Humboldt-Universität)
What Abilities Are Not 

12 May
Shen-Yi Liao (Nanyang Technological University and Leeds)
Aesthetic Adjectives

19 May
Jeff McMahan (Rutgers)
The Comparative Badness for Animals of Death and Suffering

Spring term 2014

20 January
Anne Phillips (LSE)
Human Dignity: A Useful Concept?

27 January
David Etlin (LMU Munich)
Vague Desires: The Sorites and Money Pump

10 February
Bryan Pickel (Edinburgh)
Naming, Saying and Structure

24 February
Thomas Sattig (Tubingen)
Structure and Quasi-Strucutre of Objects

3 March
Tim Bayne (Manchester)

17 March
Mark Sprevak (Edinburgh)
Predictive Coding

24 March
Nick Trakakis (Australian Catholic University and Birmingham)
Advaita Vendanta and British Idealism

Autumn term 2013

7 October 
Mary Leng (York) 
Taking Morality Mathematically: Enoch's Indispensibility Argument 

21 October 
James Pattison (Manchester) 
The Morality of Pivate War: The Challenge of Private Military and Security Companies 

28 October 
Julia Annas (Arizona) 
Why Virtue Ethics Does Not Have a Problem with Right Action 

18 November 
Maria Navarro (Spanish National Research Council and Birmingham) 
Poor Heuristics: A Case of Cross-Cultural Variation in Heuristic Reasoning 

25 November 
Mark Jago (Nottingham) 
Impossible Worlds 

9 December 
Guy Kahane (Oxford) 
History and Non-Identity 

Summer term 2013

22 April
Corine Besson (Birkbeck)
Interpreting what Achilles Said to the Tortoise

29 April
Tim Button (Cambridge)
Conceptual Cosmopolitanism: What Conceptual Relativity Might Be and Could Do

9 May
David Chalmers (ANU and New York University)

13 May
Lilian O’Brien (University College Cork)
Actions, Reasons and Presuppositions

15 May
Erik Angner (George Mason University)
Subjective Wellbeing: When, and Why, It Matters 

Spring term, 2013

14 January
Phillip Meadows (UWE)
Holes Cannot Be Counted As Immaterial Objects

28 January
Ben Colburn (Glasgow)

4 February
Jane Friedman (Oxford)

4 March
Bart Streumer (Reading)
Unbelievable Errors

Autumn term, 2012

1 October
John Bishop (Auckland)
Trusting Others, Trusting in God, Trusting the World

8 October (hosted by the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics):
Seumas Miller (Charles Sturt University) 
Shooting to Kill: De Menezes and Collective Responsibility

22 October
Chris Tucker (Auckland)
If Dogmatists have a Problem with Cognitive Penetration, You do Too

5 November
Daniel Greco (New York University)
Iteration and Fragmentation

19 November (hosted by the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics)
Thomas Porter (Manchester) 
What's wrong with practice-independence?

26 November
Jules Holroyd (Nottingham)
The relationship between distributive and punitive justice

3 December
Kalle Grill (Keele / Birmingham / Umeå)
Six Concepts of Liberty - A Defence of Probabilist Non-interference