News in Theology and Religion

White widows: The myth of the deadliest jihadi women

Dr Katherine Brown argues that the idea that converts to Islam make the most violent jihadi women only disrupts counter-extremism efforts, in this insight article for the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

Book launch - Companion to the Dead Sea Scrolls

Professor Charlotte Hempel is launch her new co-edited book (with George J. Brooke), the 'T&T Clark Companion to the Dead Sea Scrolls' on Monday 1 October, 5-6pm. The companion comprises over 70 articles exploring the entire body of the key texts and documents labelled as Dead Sea Scrolls.

Was the Council of Nicaea church just found under a lake?

Professor Candida Moss reports for The Daily Beast on the discovery of ancient Roman ruins in Turkey, which are believed to be the long-sought remains of the church which hosted one of the most important events in Christianity.

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