Politics of Diffusion: Tracing Universal Health Coverage (UHC) across Boundaries

Tuesday 23 March 2021 (14:00-15:30)

Jennie Oldfield j.oldfield@bham.ac.uk

Public policy scholars have long been interested in the interaction among policy actors across national and institutional boundaries and studied the movement of ideas, discourses or specific policy instruments.

This talk with Dr Tuba Agartanis, explored the political dynamics of the diffusion of a popular global policy idea, Universal Health Coverage (UHC).  Using a few national and regional case studies, Dr Agartanis discussed the ways in which new, and sometimes competing, meanings of UHC are constructed through encounters among policy actors operating within and across global, regional, national and local scales. 


Dr Tuba Agartanis a Professor of Health Policy and Management at Providence College, United States. Her research interests are at the interface of social policy and sociology with a focus on comparative health policy, professions and health care reform, global health and governance. Her recent projects focus on 1) the politics of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) movement, 2) boundaries and collaborations among social sciences, humanities and natural sciences in global health, and 3) role of arts in community response to Covid-19 in the US. She is also an editor of Global Social Policy.


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