Access to Quality Healthcare in Under-Resourced Settings

online event
Tuesday 1 December 2020 (12:00-13:30)

Jennie Oldfield (

In the UK we take access to healthcare for granted. We also know that the healthcare that we receive is likely to be of very high quality.

Unfortunately, in many low or middle income countries, many people cannot access healthcare, and even when they can, the healthcare provided is of poor quality. Even worse, in many countries there are no data about who needs to access health care, what they need to access it for, and what the consequences are. Join us for an interesting exploration about access to quality healthcare systems in low or middle income countries, and how, with determination and a little (although not much) funding, one can change things!

Justine Davies is Professor of Global Health at Birmingham University, Visiting Prof at Wits University (South Africa), and Extrodinary Professor at Stellenbosch University. She researches access to quality healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa. Her areas of interest are risk factors for cardiovascular disease, like diabetes or high blood pressure, and injuries. Absence of health care for these conditions cause large numbers of people to suffer death and disability in low and middle income countries. A large part of Justine’s research is done to inform policy, and she has worked with the South African Department of Health, The World Health Organisation, World Bank, and various governments to ensure that research findings have policy relevance.  She currently works with partners in Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Malawi, South Africa, and Ethiopia.

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