Gail Hornstein

Psychologist, Dr Gail Hornstein, Professor of Psychology at Mount Holyoke College (USA) and author, speaks about the challenge of using first-person madness narratives in research, and questions why the first-hand experiences of service users are not fully acknowledged by most mental health professionals.

These videos form part of the CEIMH's 'Conversation with series'. In each of these seminars, an individual who has made a global contribution to the arena of mental health was invited to converse with an invited audience.

'Agnes' Jacket': The story of Agnes Richter

A first-hand account and an alternative view of 'paranoia'

The hearing voices network

Part 1: Why don't mental health professionals take first-hand accounts of madness seriously?

Part 2: First-hand accounts challenge the authority of psychiatry by providing a counter-narrative

Audience questions and comments (Part 1)

Audience questions and comments (Part 2)

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