Mental health practice case studies

Each of these short films presents a case study of a potentially difficult mental health situation that practitioners may need to deal with as part of their practice. Topics covered include appropriate listening skills, confidentiality, drug use, professional conduct, anger, social isolation, sexual advances and stereotyping. The aim of these films is to stimulate discussion and reflection about these particular situations and the issues that arise from them.

The following group of case studies form part of the Online Assessment Workbook.

See also Mental health case studies which were filmed as part of the SELF Project.

Bethan case study: Bereavement
Mr Singh case study: Appropriate listening skills
Lyndsey case study: Self-harm; sexual assault
Nicki and Gina case study: Poor interview / listening skills
Mr Singh case study: Poor listening skills
Ronnie case study: Social isolation, psychosis, suicide risk
Steve case study: Psychosis, drug and alcohol use
Sue case study: Confidentiality
Holly and Chris case study: Confidentiality and professional values
Alice case study: Drug use
Phil case study. Cannabis and drug use in the home

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