Ulviyya Khalilova

Ulviyya KhalilovaThe influences of western culture on non-material values in Azerbaijan: the application of cultural orientation scale 

Supervisors: Dr Gezim Alpion and Professor Paul Montgomery

Ulviyya’s research will explore the impacts of individualist values in the example of Western culture on the culture of Azerbaijan in the globalizing world. Azerbaijan, located at the junction of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, is a multicultural and multi-religious country. The richness of Azerbaijan culture reflects in its moral and material values such as family values, cultural events, traditional music and musical instruments, handcrafts, etc. As a collectivist society, embracing Islam and preserving the local culture and heritage, the promotion of intercultural dialogue, tolerance, and multiculturalism has become priorities in Azerbaijan. Since gaining independence in the early 1990s, Azerbaijan established bilateral relations with Western countries and the constant expansion of mutual relations contributes to the development of mutual understanding between Azerbaijan and the Western world.  

The proliferation of information and communication technology has accelerated the influences of globalization and Western values in developing countries including Azerbaijan. Regarding this, Azerbaijan, which is considered as a Muslim majority country has been exponentially influenced by globalization and Western values through social media, as well. This, in turn, leads to the development of values of individualism in Azerbaijan society.

Considering the fact that Azerbaijan has rich culture and its history dates back to prehistoric times, doing thorough research will enable us better understand this culturally diverse country with particular regards to individualism-collectivism.


  • BA in International Relations and Regional Studies (Southeast Asian countries, Indonesian studies) at Azerbaijan University of Languages
  • MA in International Relations and Regional Studies (Country Studies: Russia) at Baku Slavic University
  • Certificate in “Improving Higher Education Capacity and US Linkages in Azerbaijan”, BERCA Project, ADA University and US Embassy Azerbaijan
  • Certificate of Erasmus + Teaching Mobility Program, University of Piteşti, Piteşti, Romania 

Research Interests

  • Globalization and global culture
  • Modernization and Westernisation
  • Elite and popular culture
  • Individualism and collectivism
  • Digital culture and social media

Teaching responsibilities

After completing her masters degree, Ulviyya taught in the Faculty of International Relations and Regional Studies at Azerbaijan University of Languages from 2014 to 2022.

  • Public administration
  • Demographic development problems in Indonesia
  • Religions in Indonesia
  • Indonesian language and literature

Conference papers

  • Khalilova, U. (2020). The Influences of Social Networking Websites Usage in the Development of Materialistic Aspirations among the Youth in Azerbaijan. AATT Conference, University of Georgetown, USA (poster presentation).


  • Khalilova, U. (2018). Multilingualism in Indonesia. Language and Literature, 9(1), 34-39.
  • Khalilova, U. (2016). The Role of the Arabic language and Islamic Culture in the Development of the Classic Malay Language and Literature, International Journal of Young Researchers, 73-76.
  • Khalilova, U. (2015). Wayang Kulit as the Philosophy of Javanese People, Actual Problems of International Relations, 127-133.
  • Khalilova, U. (2014). Batik as a Masterpiece of Indonesian Culture, Actual Problems of International Relations, 158-164.

Contact details

Email: uxk127@bham.ac.uk