Jennifer Knights, Part Time PGR

JDaviesNHS administrative work: 'bullshit jobs' or a cage worth unlocking?

The research has three main aims:

  1. To bring to the foreground the voices of the people undertaking administrative work in the NHS, how they experience their roles and the extent to which they consider their work to have or add value.
  2. To better understand the phenomenon of administrative work in the NHS and engage critically with this phenomenon through considering the narratives produced by administrative staff undertaking this work.
  3.  To address the significant research gap regarding those NHS administrative roles which do not involve or have very little direct patient contact.

Supervisors: Mervyn Conroy and Dr. Scott Taylor


Jennifer is currently employed by NHS Education for Scotland as a Specialist Research Lead.

Her previous experience of working in both administrative and managerial roles in the NHS has directly informed her research interests around administrative labour in the context of the NHS business and administration workforce.  


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Research Methods and Skills, School of Social Policy, University of Birmingham. Awarded 2019.
  • MSc Leadership for Health Services Improvement, Health Services Management Centre (HSMC), University of Birmingham. Awarded 2015.
  • BA Politics and Philosophy, University of Sheffield. Awarded 2006.

Research Interests

  • Workforce, Professions, Employment and Labour
  • Health and Social Care
  • Critical perspectives on Leadership
  • Critical Management Studies


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