Muznah Madeeha

Generational changes and Qatari Women’s Labour Force Participation

Supervisors: Dr. Laurence Lessard-Phillips and Dr. Lorenza Antonucci

In my research, I examine factors associated with Qatari women’s labour force participation. Specifically, I am asking whether the recent and rapid economic growth and social transformations in Qatar have resulted in generational changes that may be shaping women's employment levels, and support for female employment? I am examining generational change by looking at the relationship between birth cohorts and various demographic and social factors including female employment levels and gender role beliefs. My research is informed by a postcolonial feminist perspective, and I draw on a mixed-methods’ approach wherein I plan to combine quantitative, survey data analysis with in-depth interviews with Qatari women. Through my research and focus on Qatar, I hope to advance the study of Arab women in the economy by underscoring the ways in which Arab women respond to social and economic changes, and by highlighting the impact of this change on their economic participation.


  • BA (Sociology and Islamic Studies) – International Islamic University, Malaysia
  • MA (Applied Sociology) – Loyola University Chicago, USA

Research Interests

  • Gender
  • Economy
  • Social Change
  • Religion
  • Postcolonialism
  • Migration
  • Middle East

Professional memberships

  • International Sociological Association
  • British Society for Middle Eastern Studies
  • Association for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies


Khattab, N., Madeeha, M. Modood, T., Samara, M., and Barham, A. Fragmented career orientation: the formation of career importance, decidedness and aspirations among students. (2022) International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 27:1, 45-59, DOI: 10.1080/02673843.2021.2025114.

Khattab, N., Madeeha, M., Samara, M., Modood, T., and Barham, A. (2021) Do educational aspirations and expectations matter in improving school achievement? Social Psychology of Education.

Ewers, M. C., Khattab, N., Babar, Z., and Madeeha, M. (2021) Skilled migration to emerging economies: the global competition for talent beyond the West. Globalizations, 1-17.

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