Dr Louise Isham PhD, MSc, BA, QSW

Dr Louise Isham

Department of Social Work and Social Care
Lecturer in Social Work

Contact details

Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Louise is a lecturer in Social Work who teaches on the BA social work and Step Up to Social Work programmes. Her teaching focuses on 1) research methods for social workers 2) social work skills, values and approaches 3) specialist interest areas such as care relationships, domestic and sexual violence and older adults. She also supervises postdoctoral researchers working in similar areas.  

For ten years, Louise worked in range of roles in voluntary and statutory sector services, including as a crisis worker in a SARC and as registered social worker, before moving into research and teaching at the University of Birmingham. Louise’s research has focused on the lived experience of violence, abuse and care relationships - issues that disproportionality impact women and girls – across the life course. Her research is also interested in people’s experiences accessing social work, health and voluntary sector services and how research can play a role supporting professionals working in these areas. Louise’s work draws on qualitative and mixed-methods approaches and she is committed to ensuring people with lived experience play a central role driving and creating research through co-produced and participatory methods. 


  • PhD, University of Birmingham (2019) Exploring the experiences and needs of family carers affected by harmful, violent or abusive behaviour by the older person for whom they care
  • MSc Social Work, University of Bristol (2012)
  • BA (hons) History, University of Cambridge (2007)
  • Registered social worker (Health and Care Professionals Council)


Social work skills, values and approaches

Research methods for social workers

Social work with victim-survivors of domestic and sexual violence 


Other activities

  • Principal investigator for a seed research project: Addressing sexual assault and harassment of women when travelling in India: developing a community-based education intervention for young men and boys, Jan-Sept 2019, funded by the Institution of Global Innovation (UoB).
  • College of Medical and Dental Sciences (UoB) endowment fund PhD studentship, Oct 2015 to Sept 2018.
  • Advisory member of the West Midlands Sexual Assault and Abuse Board


Recent publications


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