Bill Styles

I graduated from the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Birmingham in 2008 with a 2:1 in Sport and Exercise Sciences.

I currently work as the Assistant Sports Scientist at Glasgow Celtic Football Club, a role which I have held for the past 2 years. My opportunity to work in professional football came about whilst I was in my third year at University. During this year I undertook an internship at Birmingham City Football Club alongside completing my third year studies. After graduating, I spent 15 months working in a full time capacity at West Bromwich Albion football club before then moving to Celtic.

The diversity of what Birmingham has to offer as a city in terms of live music, sporting events and nightlife meant that there was always something to do away from academic life whilst I was a student in the city.

The University course has given me the academic grounding and understanding to allow me to do what I do today. Alongside this I learnt how to analyze and critique information allowing me to constantly challenge my own ideas and practice. The extracurricular activities I was able to take up throughout my time at university have given me the confidence and organisational skills to work in elite sport. 

I hope to continue to work in professional sport in the coming years trying to help athletes reach their peak in what is a unique and highly competitive environment.