Alumni profiles - Rachel-Kim Dallimore

BSc Physiotherapy (Hons)

Principal Physiotherapist at Alexandra Hospital, Singapore

My placements really helped to prepare me for the working world and made the transition from university to full time employment seem a lot less daunting."

What are you currently doing and who are you working for?

I am currently a Principal Physiotherapist at Alexandra Hospital, Singapore. I have been working here since 2011 managing the hospital's Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Team.

After graduating, I accepted a Band 5 rotational post and was subsequently promoted to a static Band 6 post with The Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

Which course did you study at the University of Birmingham and how it benefited you?

At the University of Birmingham I studied the BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy programme (2003-2006). 

The most beneficial aspects of the course were the placements and evidence-based practice skills.  I was lucky enough to get a good variety of placements in a range of healthcare settings.  I also found that my dissertation really helped with the development of my research skills.  The way in which my lectures and practical sessions were structured meant that I interacted with my peers, made a lot of friends and learned a great deal about the importance of team work.

How did you find your first year in Birmingham?

I found my first year in Birmingham was fantastic and the following two years were equally as good!  The city has a lot to offer for students and everything was easy to access via public transport from the campus.

Since the Physiotherapy course has a lot of teaching hours, I am glad I opted to live with a fellow classmate in halls as it meant that from day one I knew someone with a similar schedule to me.

How did going to University as a whole benefit you?

For me, gaining a degree that certified me as a physiotherapist was the most important part of going to university.  As well as studying to start my career, going to university benefitted me by making me independent.  Living away from home and managing all aspects of your life in an environment by which most of your peers are in the same boat means that you don't feel that anything is a struggle.  My placements really helped to prepare me for the working world and made the transition from university to full time employment seem a lot less daunting.

How did you find campus life?

One of the reasons why I liked the University of Birmingham, having visited at an Open Day, was the fact that all the students were learning together on one main site.  This meant that you could meet a variety of people from different courses and never feel that you are away from an environment that is designed for learning.  Being surrounded by other students was good from a learning perspective as well as socially.

The campus was not far from the city centre and it was easy to get around by car or public transport from the University train station.  The Edgbaston campus is situated such that you get the best of both worlds being near to both the city centre and to suburban areas.

How did you find living in Birmingham?

I really enjoyed living in Birmingham.  As a student I succeeded in achieving my degree as well as balancing it with having fun, meeting friends and learning life skills. 

The size of my cohort and the practical element of the course meant that we were all able to work together from early on. The university was supportive in giving me the option of living with someone from my course in halls.  

Did you join any student societies or take part in any events during your studies?

I studied an extra Mandarin module via evening classes which were run by the university.  I also took part in Students for Kids International Projects (S.K.I.P.) run by the medical school in which a group of us were able to do charity work in Africa.
I also enjoyed doing exercise classes offered by the Munroe Centre.

Any tips or words of wisdom that you would like to pass on to other students thinking of coming to study here?

As an 18 year old who has just finished my A levels, I highly recommend the University of Birmingham.  I feel that it offers good learning opportunities which can be easily balanced with a good student lifestyle.  I feel that if there is something particular you are looking for as a student then be sure to research it before deciding on where you want to go.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I would like to further my studies and continue to work on hospital planning and management projects, as I have found this very interesting and challenging in recent years.