Dr Nicola Middlebrook PhD, MSc, BSc

Dr Nicola Middlebrook

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
Research Fellow

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School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Nicola is an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist with a particular interest in pain mechanisms and pain management. Nicola joined the University of Birmingham in 2015 as a Teaching Fellow and a Clinical Tutor in physiotherapy and started her role as a Research Fellow in the Centre of Precision Rehabilitation for Spinal Pain in April 2020.  


BSc Sport & Exercise Science

MSc (pre-reg) Physiotherapy


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Nicola qualified as a physiotherapist in 2009 and has worked in both NHS and the private sector with a focus to musculoskeletal physiotherapy and pain management. Nicola has worked as a teaching fellow at the University of Birmingham before starting her PhD which focused on central sensitisation in musculoskeletal trauma. Following her PhD Nicola started her role as a research fellow at CPR Spine to continue her work within musculoskeletal trauma. 


Musculoskeletal pain, pain management and the transition from acute to chronic pain. 


Middlebrook, N., Heneghan, N. R., Evans, D. W., Rushton, A. & Falla, D. 2020. Reliability of temporal summation, thermal and pressure pain thresholds in a healthy cohort and musculoskeletal trauma population. PLOS ONE, 15, e0233521.

Middlebrook, A., Bekker, S., Middlebrook, N. & Rushton, A. B. 2020. Physical prognostic factors predicting outcome following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: protocol for a systematic review. BMJ Open, 10, e033429.

Middlebrook, N., Rushton, A. B., Heneghan, N. R. & Falla, D. 2019. Measures of central sensitisation and their measurement properties in the adult musculoskeletal trauma population: a protocol for a systematic review and data synthesis. BMJ Open, 9, e023204.

Rushton, A. B., Evans, D. W., Middlebrook, N., Heneghan, N. R., Small, C., Lord, J., Patel, J. M. & Falla, D. 2018. Development of a screening tool to predict the risk of chronic pain and disability following musculoskeletal trauma: protocol for a prospective observational study in the United Kingdom. BMJ Open, 8.

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