Professor Tim Cable PhD, FECSS, NTF, FHEA

Professor Tim Cable

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
Head of School
Professor of Cardiovascular Exercise Science

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School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Professor Tim Cable has an international reputation for academic and applied sports science leadership.  Prior to his role as Head of the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Birmingham, he was Director of Sport Science at the world renowned Aspire Academy in Qatar, and President of the European College of Sport Science.  Professor Cable’s research area investigates the impact of exercise on the structure and function of the vascular system.


  • BSc (hons)
  • PhD
  • Fellow of the European College of Sport Sciences
  • National Teaching Fellow
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Professor Tim Cable is Head of the world-leading School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Birmingham.  Prior to taking up this position in 2018, Tim was Director of Sports Science at Aspire Academy in Qatar, and was responsible for the strategic and operational management of the Sports Science support to Olympic and racquet based sports, and leading on the mission to become the global reference in the development of youth athletes. 

Previous to this, Tim was Director of the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University, where he oversaw sequential success in research audits and established a team of international standing. Tim’s current research theme examines the impact of exercise training on endothelial function in both healthy and diseased populations. He has published more than 220 peer-review articles, supervised 50 PhD completions and acquired £10m in external funding. He is a National Teaching Fellow and until recently (2015-2017) served as President of the European College of Sport Science. 

Tim completed his PhD at the University of Western Australia in Exercise and Ageing, and now holds an honorary professorship at his Alma Mater.


Professor Cable’s teaching expertise is: -

  • Cardiovascular response to exercise
  • Exercise in extreme environments
  • Exercise training in special populations
  • Application of science in support of elite athletes

Postgraduate supervision

Postgraduate supervision topics include:-

  • Impact of exercise on vascular structure and function
  • Exercise training in diseased populations
  • The thermal response to exercise


Research Group: 

Exercise and Health

Research Interests: 

Professor Cable is interested in the impact of exercise training on the vascular system in health and certain types of disease.  In addition, he has investigated the thermal response to exercise in various populations and also published on the impact of physical activity and behavior change in overweight and obese children.

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Cable N

Cable NT

Cable T

Other activities

Professor Cable is a past president of the European College of Sport Science


Selected recent publications

Jones H, Nyakayira J, Bailey TG, Green DJ, Cable NT, Sprung VS, Hopkins N, Thijssen DH (2015)

Impact of eight weeks of repeated ischaemic preconditioning on brachial artery and cutaneous microcirculatory function in healthy males.  European Journal of Preventative Cardiology, 22, 1083-1087

Bailey, T.G, Cable, N.T., Aziz, N., Atkinson, G., Cuthbertson, D., Low, D.A. and Jones,H.(2016). Exercise training reduces the acute physiological severity of post-menopausal hot flushes. Journal of Physiology, 594, 657-667.

Thijssen, D.H., Maxwell, J, Green, D.J., Cable, N.T. and Jones, H. (2016).  Repeated

ishaemic preconditioning: A novel therapeutic intervention and potential underlying mehanisms. Experimental Physiology, 101.6, 677-692.

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Atkinson, C., Carter, H., Thijssen, D.H.J., Birk, G.K., Cable, N. T., Low, D. A., Kerstens F.,

Meeuwis I., Dawson E.A., and Green D.J. (2018). Localised cutaneous microvascular

adaptation to exercise training in humans. European Journal of Applied Physiology,

118, 837-845.

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