Transition to University

The transition onto your studies at University can be difficult and as a School we will support you throughout this process. During your first week at University you will meet your personal tutor who will see you every fortnight in your first year. This will either be a small group with other students to discuss an aspect of teaching or research, or individually to review your personal progress.

We have introduced an innovative induction programme called “Speed BSc”, to help new students make a smooth transition from school/college to university. The programme was created by current students based on what they felt was needed when they entered the School. The aim is to complete a ‘mini degree’ within 2 days, working as part of a team, culminating in an induction graduation ceremony. This programme helps all our first year students to get to know one another and to understand the School. At the same time, this exercise provides a valuable opportunity for current students to enhance their skills by helping to deliver the induction.

Please note: the tasks set during the Speed BSc may vary from those shown in this video.

Speed BSc - Sport and Exercise Sciences

Video transcript here

Dr Vikki BurnsStarting out at university - podcast

Dr Vikki Burns, Reader in Science Education in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, discusses the problems students commonly encounter when they begin university life, and how universities can support them. Plus what to do if you’re finding it hard to cope, and top tips for success if you’re heading to university for the first time this year.

Listen to the podcast below:

Transcript of Vikki Burns - Starting out at university podcast