Ms Janine Dretzke

Janine Dretzke

Institute of Applied Health Research
Senior Systematic Reviewer

Contact details

Biostatistics, Evidence Synthesis and Test Evaluation (BESaTE)
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Janine has considerable experience in conducting evidence syntheses, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and health technology assessments (HTA) to inform local and national healthcare decision making. Research outputs include reports commissioned by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the NIHR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme. Janine has an interest in evidence synthesis methodologies as applied to different types of health care questions and study designs (e.g. effectiveness, test accuracy, adverse events, prognostic factors and models).  Janine lectures in study design and the methodology of undertaking evidence syntheses and is a module coordinator of the Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis module (MPH (HTA)).


  • MSc Health Technology Assessment (University of Birmingham 2003)
  • MSc Environmental Management (University of Stirling 1996)
  • BSc Biological Sciences with Microbiology (University of Warwick 1995)


Other activities

Module coordinator for the Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis Module of the MPH (HTA)


Recent publications


Dretzke, J, Chaudri, T, Balaji, R, Mehanna, H, Nankivell, P, Moore, DJ & the PETNECK2 Research Team 2023, 'A systematic review of the effectiveness of patient‐initiated follow‐up after cancer', Cancer Medicine.

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the PETNECK2 Research Team 2023, 'Systematic review of patients’ and healthcare professionals’ views on patient‐initiated follow‐up in treated cancer patients', Cancer Medicine.

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Beese, S, Harris, I, Dretzke, J & Moore, D 2019, 'Body image dissatisfaction in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: a systematic review', BMJ Open Gastroenterology, vol. 6, no. 1, e000255.

Review article

Kamran, U, Abbasi, A, Umar, N, Tahir, I, Brookes, M, Rutter, MD, McCord, M, Adderley, N, Dretzke, J & Trudgill, N 2023, 'Umbrella systematic review of potential quality indicators for the detection of dysplasia and cancer at upper gastrointestinal endoscopy', Endoscopy International Open, vol. 11, no. 9, pp. E835-E848.

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