Dr Rachel Jordan MA (Cantab), MPH, PhD

Dr Rachel Jordan

Institute of Applied Health Research
Senior Lecturer & NIHR Research Fellow

Contact details

Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Institute of Applied Health Research
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, B15 2TT

Rachel Jordan is a Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Epidemiology & Biostatistics. Her role focuses mainly on epidemiological and health services research of COPD for which she holds an NIHR post-doctoral research fellowship.

With other investigators she is also currently in receipt of a £2m NIHR programme grant on COPD and several other related primary and secondary research grants about the identification, management and self-management of COPD.

Other research interests include the effectiveness and uptake of both seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccine in different population groups.

She also teaches and supervises postgraduate and undergraduate students in Medicine and Public Health.


  • PhD in Epidemiology University of Birmingham, 2007
  • MPH University of Birmingham, 2000
  • MA (Cantab) Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge, 1993


Rachel Jordan qualified with a BA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge (Emmanuel College) in 1993.

After a brief spell in the pharmaceutical industry she went on to take her first post in epidemiology at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine with Professors Nick Wald and Malcolm Law, undertaking a series of systematic reviews including one which led to the generation of the Polypill idea.

Returning to her home town of Birmingham in 1998, Rachel joined the systematic review team in Public Health & Epidemiology, gaining her MPH and being awarded the Thomas McKeown project prize.  In 2000, although still based at the University of Birmingham, Rachel took up a research role with the Health Protection Agency, gaining her PhD part time over a 6-year period, and publishing further related papers, including 3 invited editorials in the BMJ. Most of her work during this period focussed on acute respiratory hospital admissions and the epidemiology of influenza and influenza vaccines.

Following completion of her PhD Rachel became a Lecturer with responsibility for helping to manage the MPH and MSc in Health Protection and moving to work more on chronic respiratory diseases, before in 2008 being awarded a research fellowship from the NIHR entitled “Towards a better understanding of the definition, characteristics and health service requirements of patients with COPD in the UK” comprising a series of studies using the Health Survey for England, the GPRD and published literature. 

More recently she is an integral part of a team of investigators who have beenawarded a £2m NIHR programme grant entitled “COPD in Primary Care: from case finding to improving patient outcomes, co-PI on an HTA-funded evidence review of the effectiveness of self-management for COPD and a key investigator on a number of other related primary and secondary research grants.

In 2011 she was promoted to Senior Lecturer.


Teaching Programmes

Postgraduate supervision

Rachel is interested in supervising doctoral research students in the following areas:

  • Screening/case-finding for COPD
  • Natural history and prognosis of COPD
  • New interventions for COPD patients, particularly in mild disease

If you are interesting in studying any of these subject areas please contact Rachel on the contact details above, or for any general doctoral research enquiries, please email: dr@contacts.bham.ac.uk or call +44 (0)121 414 5005.

For a full list of available Doctoral Research opportunities, please visit our Doctoral Research programme listings.   



COPD screening; COPD epidemiology (aetiology, prognosis and effectiveness of new interventions); COPD self-management; seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccine epidemiology; systematic reviews; epidemiological studies; health services research


NIHR Post-doctoral Research Fellowship
Towards a better understanding of the definition, characteristics and health service requirements of patients with COPD in the UK
2008 – 2013; £337,041

NIHR Programme Grant
COPD in Primary Care: from case finding to improving patient outcomes
2011-2016; £2m

HTA programme
Supported self-management for patients with moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): an evidence synthesis and economic analysis
2011-2013; £241,472.

HTA programme
The cost-effectiveness of community based non-invasive ventilation (NIV) in patients with stable end stage COPD with hypercapnic respiratory failure. A systematic review and economic evaluation
2012-2013; £213,264.

National Schools of Primary Care
Evaluation of the PiKo-6 as a novel screening test for case finding for COPD in primary care
Jan – Dec 2012: £58,957

National Schools of Primary Care
Patient self-management in primary care in patients with COPD
Jan 2013– Dec 2015: £802,000

National Schools of Primary Care
A pilot study to assess the prevalence and characteristics of emphysematous lung change in patients with symptoms of COPD and normal spirometry
Jan – Dec 2012: £50,000


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