Dr Raymond Oppong

Dr Raymond Oppong

Institute of Applied Health Research
Senior Lecturer in Health Economics

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Health Economics
Institute of Applied Health Research
Occupational Health Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Raymond Oppong is a Senior Lecturer at the Health Economics Unit, University of Birmingham. 

He is an enthusiastic researcher who is interested in issues such as economic evaluation in the area of musculoskeletal disease, the economics of antimicrobial resistance, quality of life research and economic analysis alongside multinational, cluster and factorial trials. 

He has published in journals such as The Lancet, British Journal of General Practice, The European Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and Rheumatology and has disseminated his work to audiences in Europe and Asia.

He has completed a part-time PhD entitled "Economic analysis alongside multinational studies" at the University of Birmingham.


  • PhD in Health Economics. University of Birmingham 2017
  • MSc Health Economics and Health Policy University of Birmingham 2006
  • BA (Hons) Economics and Geography Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology 2003


Before joining the Health Economics Unit, Raymond Oppong qualified with a BA (Hons) in Economics and Geography (first class) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Ghana. He went on to work as a teaching assistant at the Department of Economics, KNUST Kumasi, Ghana. 

In 2006, Raymond obtained an MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy from the University of Birmingham. He has since worked as a Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Health Economics Unit. 

Raymond currently works in collaboration with the Arthritis Research UK Primary Care Centre at Keele University on a number of trial based and modelling studies within musculoskeletal disease. 



Raymond’s main research relates to economic evaluations alongside various types of trials such as factorial trials, cluster randomised trials and multinational trials. His most recent research has been related to musculoskeletal disease, where he has been assessing various interventions/programmes for the treatment and management of musculoskeletal disease. Output related to this has been presented at conferences such as the British Society of Rheumatology conference and published in journals such as The Lancet. 

He is also actively involved in research related to the economics of antibiotic resistance and has had the experience of working on the EU funded Genomics to combat Resistance against Antibiotics in Community-acquired LRTI in Europe (GRACE) project where he took a lead role in designing the health economics aspects of the study. He is currently working on methods for incorporating the cost of antibiotic resistance in economic evaluations. Output from his work on antibiotic resistance has been published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and British Journal of General Practice and also presented at international conferences such as EuHEA.

Raymond is also interested in methodological work around the economic analysis of different trial designs. For example, his PhD focused on methods for the analysis of multinational trials and he has also been able to develop some methodological work related to the analysis of factorial trials. Output from his work in this area has been published in Rheumatology and PLoS ONE and presented at conferences such as HESG.

Raymond currently coordinates the Research Design Service (RDS) activities in the health economics unit at the University of Birmingham. This team engages in providing advice on the design of economic components of research projects submitted for funding to national competitions. He is actively involved in putting together grant applications and has been a successful co-applicant on a number of grants submitted to the NIHR HTA and NIHR RfPB.


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